Rep. Matt Gaetz Calls Out Special Counsel John Durham and Claims He Committed a Cover-Up | Joe Hoft


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Rep. Matt Gaetz Calls Out Special Counsel John Durham and Claims He Committed a Cover-Up

US Rep. Matt Gaetz from Florida grilled Special Counsel John Durham on his worthless report that more of a cover-up than anything yesterday on the House floor. 

John Durham released a report on the Russia collusion sham and ignored the fact that it was an attempted coup to take out the President of the United States.  This was the most obvious point of his entire investigation and he somehow missed it.  In fact, Durham’s report looked more like a cover-up than a real effort at getting at the facts.

Rep. Matt Gaetz recognized this.

Real Clear Politics noted Gaetz’s questioning as well:

GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz blasts special counsel John Durham for being part of a “cover-up” of the “true core of corruption” behind the FBI’s Trump-Russia investigation during a Judiciary Committee hearing:

“It’s not what’s in your report that’s telling, it’s the omissions, it’s the lack of work you did.

“Have you ever heard of the Washington Generals?” Gaetz asked. “The team that basically gets paid to show up and lose… The job of the Washington Generals is to show up every night and play the Harlem Globetrotters and their job is to lose… And I’m kind of wondering… It’s not what’s in your report, it’s the omissions… And for the people like the Chairman who put trust in you, I think you let the country down and you are one of the barriers to the true accountability that we need.”

Durham replied: “I don’t know if you’ve ever investigated a crime–”

“I don’t know that you have,” interrupted Gaetz. “What about Andy McCabe, did you charge him?”

Durham continued: “Under the Constitution that we’re bound by, we can gather evidence in lawful ways, we can’t charge people because we might think something–”

Gaetz interrupted again: “You didn’t investigate the Mueller team wiping their phones. And you won’t tell us who gave the order because you’re protecting those people.”

Here is Gaetz grilling Durham:

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