RASMUSSEN REPORTS: “Too Big Too Rig? Not If the Cheaters Work the Battleground States. Again.” | Joe Hoft


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RASMUSSEN REPORTS: “Too Big Too Rig? Not If the Cheaters Work the Battleground States. Again.”

Heads Up – The 2024 Election is not too big to rig – no election is when you are running against communists and fascists. 

President Trump won the 2020 Election by a landslide which is why the 2020 election was the most corrupt and fraudulent result in world history.  For those with their heads in the sand, the evil communist and fascist Left will do it again if they have to.   They know that the final count is what wins elections regardless of how the counts were derived.

In the book – The Steal – Volume II: The Impossible Occurs – the following was shared about results in Georgia that were reviewed by data analysts and shared during a presentation provided by Rudy Giuliani in front of a Georgia Senate Committee (pp. 55-56):

Data integrity experts from Data Integrity Group, Lynda McLaughlin, Justin Mealey, and Dave Lobue, presented to the Georgia Senate in late December 2020 their observations from looking into the Edison data and other sources of data from the 2020 Election.

One of these experts, Dave Lobue, shared the following in his presentation about their work in Georgia alone [emphasis added]:

We objectively focused on numbers, data, and machine network systems. Based on our extensive analysis against precinct, county and state voting results we’ve identified over 40 data points where negative voting, and outright vote switching across candidates has totaled over 200,000 votes. Separately we’ve applied machine learning algorithms that are regularly used for anomaly detection of fraud and financial services that flagged over 500 precincts with over one million corresponding votes that exhibited suspicious activity.

Over a million votes were connected to suspicious activity in Georgia in 2020 and yet the corrupt Secretary of State Raffensperger and Governor Kemp certified these corrupted results.

This is why the recent results produced by Raffensperger were not surprising.  In a poll of who voters in Georgia voted for in the 2020 Election, President Trump voters were 7 percent greater than those who shared they reported for Biden.  This is consistent with massive fraud that was certified in the state’s 2020 Election results.

Despite all the evidence against him, corrupt Georgia election overseer Gabe Sterling claims that those who believe the 2020 Election was corrupt are liars.

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Georgia’s Gabe Sterling Insinuates Georgians Who Claim There Were Issues in 2020 Election Are “Liars” Including Governor Kemp Who Confirmed 2020 Election Issues

No sir.  The evidence shows who the real liars are and it’s not who you say they are. 

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