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President Trump’s Update on Bidenomics

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President Trump’s Update on Bidenomics

Even an NPR reporter has to admit that voters are upset with Bidenomics. NPR’s Asma Khalid said on ABC’s This Week that she was in Pennsylvania recently hearing from people that “don’t feel great about the economy.” She added there is “nostalgia for the Trump years” even from Democrat voters.

These comments came after Friday’s lackluster jobs report, which showed a decline in full-time jobs over the past year. Meanwhile, ABC’s latest poll showed that voters trust President Trump by a 14-point margin to handle the economy and inflation.

While Joe Biden’s Bidenomics experiment fails, his party is tearing itself apart. Bernie Sanders recently remarked that anti-Israel campus protesters could sink Joe Biden’s presidency as Vietnam did LBJ’s. Well, it turns out these protesters have been funded by Joe Biden’s “biggest donors,” according to Politico.

Will Joe Biden condemn his donors for funding anti-Israel hatred?

Taylor Budowich,

CEO, Make America Great Again

Conservatives are calling out RFK Jr. for his radical leftist views:

  • Terry Schilling of the American Principles Project wrote in The Blaze on Friday how RFK Jr. won’t protect American families from the radical left, and noted that RFK Jr. doesn’t oppose sex-change procedures for minors.
  • On Sunday, several prominent conservatives criticized RFK Jr. for saying that he “doesn’t know enough” to say that it should be illegal for minors to have sex change surgeries.
    • The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh wrote, “This is ridiculous, shameful cowardice. He pretends he ‘doesn’t know enough’ to determine whether it’s okay to castrate, butcher, and sterilize children. Absolutely disqualifying.”
    • The Blaze’s Sara Gonzales said RFK’s comments were “completely unacceptable.”
  • Howie Carr called out RFK. Jr for his “pitiful” comments that “red state people are more likely to murder you.”
    • Senate Republican Conference Chair John Barrasso also responded to RFK Jr.’s attacks on “red state” Americans. He wrote, “I’m proud to be from the most conservative state in America and represent the best of our country. RFK Jr.’s divisive attacks are disqualifying.”
  • Hugh Hewitt shared a Daily Wire article on how RFK Jr. wants to get rid of our aircraft carriers in order to fund welfare programs. Hewitt wrote that President Trump is “correct” about RFK being a radical leftist.
  • Lars Larson gave out a lengthy list of reasons on his nationally syndicated radio show of why RFK Jr. is unfit for office. Some of the reasons: RFK has been a Dem donor since 1985, he endorsed Hillary multiple times, called himself a “huge admirer” of Bernie Sanders, and called the NRA a “terror group.”

The failure of Bidenomics:

  • Joe Biden and his allies can lie all they want, but the reality is that Americans are struggling in the Biden economy. You know this is the case because food banks around the nation are reporting a surge in people needing help.
    • In Harrisburg, PA, a local news report covered a local food bank: “Demand is the highest it’s ever been for our services since the height of the pandemic, we’re serving over 200,000 individuals every single month.”
    • The Tacoma News-Tribune reported Sunday that “customers seek food assistance in record numbers.”
    • In the Bay Area, NBC reported that there is “booming demand,” as a food bank employee said, “the amount of people that are in need of food has only increased.”
    • CNN published a report Saturday on the increased use of food banks. One employee at a Connecticut food bank said, “I’ve been here seven years and this is definitely the most difficult time in those seven years”

Jake Tapper’s lie about the Alvin Bragg case:

  • Jake Tapper doesn’t have his facts straight. He claimed on CNN’s State of the Union Sunday that “a plurality of the American people think that President Trump did commit a crime when it comes to” the Alvin Bragg case. Jake Tapper is wrong. In fact, the Associated Press found that 65 percent of Americans believe President Trump did not commit a crime.
  • Sen. Marco Rubio noted on Fox News Sunday: “You have a Biden-supporting judge, a Biden prosecutor in the most liberal county in America on ridiculous charges—the rest of the world is watching that saying, ‘You know this is the stuff that America used to sanction other countries for doing.'”

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