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President Trump’s Sunday Note on Easter Sunday

President Trump’s Sunday Note on Easter Sunday

Good evening and Happy Easter!

Tens of millions of families gathered today to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. However, over at the White House, the Biden administration issued a statement commemorating today as “Transgender Day of Visibility.”

This is not surprising from an administration that has been hostile towards Christians since its inauguration. Biden’s FBI even “had efforts underway to identify and treat Catholics as ‘potential terrorists.'”

Taylor Budowich,

CEO, Make America Great Again Inc.

Americans feel the pain of Bidenomics on Easter:

  • Phoenix residents woke up this Easter morning to a report describing how “grocery prices are up and inflation is a problem in so many Valley households.”
  • Meanwhile, the morning news in Atlanta reported: “The cost of raising a pet is one of those that continues to go up like some of our food prices. So, it’s causing a lot of heartburn for some families.”
  • Axios reported: “Call it Easter eggflation: High egg prices are impacting holiday celebrations for the second year in a row.”
    • “Datasembly’s Grocery Price Index found the price of eggs is up 45% nationwide in March compared to pre-pandemic times.”
  • Biden’s failed economic policies are hurting American families. Voters continue to trust President Trump to get America’s economy back on track. CNBC’s All-America Economic Survey found that “respondents said inflation is the No. 1 issue and they give Trump a 27-point advantage” on which candidate is better to deal with it.

Washington Post: “Could Biden’s problems with Black voters help Trump win?”

  • The Washington Post covered Joe Biden’s struggles with black voters: “Four recent polls — Quinnipiac, Economist-YouGov, New York Times/Siena and Marquette University Law School, however, have shown Trump with at least 20 percent support among Black adults. Now a new Fox News survey shows him with the support of 26 percent of Black voters. If accurate and if the numbers held until November, Trump would receive the highest share of the Black vote for any Republican presidential candidate since Richard M. Nixon in 1960.”
  • The Post noted, “Biden’s approval rating among Black Americans has declined over time, as it has among Americans overall. In January 2022, the Pew Center found that 60 percent of Black adults approved of the way he was doing his job. In January of this year, his approval stood at 48 percent.”
  • MAGA Inc. is out with a new radio ad targeting black voters that highlights Joe Biden’s rental subsidy for illegal immigrants.

President Trump will highlight Joe Biden’s “border bloodbath” during a visit on Tuesday in Michigan:

  • President Trump will visit Grand Rapids, Michigan on Tuesday. The event comes after an illegal immigrant was arrested for murdering 25-year-old Ruby Garcia in Grand Rapids.
  • Joe Biden’s open border is putting America in danger. On Wednesday, for example, police arrested a Chinese illegal immigrant after he drove onto a military base and refused to leave.

God Bless America


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