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President Trump’s Sunday Note Discusses Biden

President Trump’s team shared the following Sunday note. 

Will Joe Biden follow through on his promise to debate President Trump? Politico’s Jonathan Martin says Biden’s aides hope he stays in the basement. Martin said on Meet the Press: “Biden’s folks don’t want him to debate. They don’t want to give Trump that platform and risk exposing Biden like that on national TV.”

It’s no wonder Biden’s aides don’t want Biden to debate Trump. He read out the “pause” instruction from a speech just this week and he continues to trail President Trump in the polls, even after a six-week $30 million ad buy that fell flat.

The latest CNN poll shows President Trump with a healthy six point lead, and reveals the simple reason for President Trump’s dominance: voters say Biden’s presidency is a failure and Trump’s presidency was a success.

Taylor Budowich,
CEO, Make America Great Again Inc.

Polling Shows Voters HATE Bidenomics:

  • CBS News found that over 60 percent of voters in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin say the Trump economy was better than the Biden economy.
  • CNN found that a whopping 66 percent of voters nationwide disapprove of Joe Biden’s handling of the economy.
    • 70 percent of voters said that economic conditions in the country are “poor.”
  • CNN found that 55 percent of voters say President Trump’s presidency was a “success,” while 61 percent of voters say Joe Biden’s presidency has been a “failure.”

Biden’s “reset” fails miserably:

  • The Biden campaign announced a six-week $30 million ad buy following the State of the Union. The result? Well, Bloomberg polled swing states at the start of the buy and towards the end of the buy, and found that President Trump’s margins improved in Wisconsin, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Nevada.
    • In a five-way race with RFK Jr. and Jill Stein, CNN found that President Trump leads Joe Biden 42 percent to 33 percent! Just a third of voters are backing Biden.

RFK Jr. is a radical leftist:

  • As usual, President Trump is right. He’s calling out RFK Jr. for being “far more LIBERAL than anyone running as a Democrat.”

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