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President Trump’s Sunday Message Focuses on Iran’s Attack on Israel

President Trump’s campaign shared the following Sunday message last night. 

The attack on Israel by Iran is a direct consequence of Joe Biden’s appeasement of the Mullahs in Tehran. Just one month before Iran’s attack on Israel, Joe Biden renewed a sanctions waiver that unlocked up to $10 billion for the Iranian regime.

Instead of defeating America’s adversaries, Joe Biden is focused on using the courts in an attempt to defeat his political opponent. The Alvin Bragg trial will commence tomorrow. It’s a ridiculous and weak case brought by a prosecutor who campaigned on targeting President Trump.

Taylor Budowich,
CEO, Make America Great Again Inc.

Alvin Bragg’s weak case:

  • George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley said on Sunday Morning Futures: “Everything about this case is, in my view, legally absurd… So you have this crazy case that’s going to go forward, and it’s going to turn on the testimony of people like Michael Cohen. And Michael Cohen just recently had a judge call him a serial perjurer.”
  • The DOJ, FEC, and Alvin Bragg’s predecessor Cy Vance all declined to prosecute President Trump for this matter.
  • The Washington Post wrote that the prosecution left some “legal experts… scratching their heads” as “they describe it as an unusual case.”
  • Alvin Bragg campaigned on being the best candidate to target President Trump.
  • Bragg has ignored violent crime and instead focuses on going after Joe Biden’s political opponent.

Joe Biden’s weakness is emboldening Iran:

  • Rep. Jason Smith remarked on Sunday Morning Futures: “What Iran did last night just is the direct result of Biden’s policies and Biden’s rhetoric over the last several years as president… Under President Trump, he imposed the strict standards of the sanctions on the Iranians… But unfortunately, the Biden administration has reversed course on that and they have been very lax on those sanctions, allowing Iranians to grow, more power, more economic growth.”
  • The Biden administration relaxed enforcement of oil sanctions against Iran and has made the terrorist regime rich.
    • Iran is exporting 134% more barrels of oil a day under Joe Biden than they did under Trump.
  • The Biden White House is run by clueless individuals like National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan. Last year, Sullivan claimed that “the Middle East region is quieter today than it has been in two decades.”

Joe Biden’s continued refusal to debate:

  • Joe Biden is ducking a debate. Major news organizations issued a joint statement on Sunday urging Biden to commit to a debate. President Donald Trump has already said that he will debate Joe Biden “anytime, anywhere, and anyplace.”
  • A New York Times poll released Sunday offered a clue as to why Joe Biden is scared to debate — voters don’t like his presidency.
    • NYT: “A larger share of voters see Mr. Trump’s term as better for the country than the current administration, with 42 percent rating the Trump presidency as mostly good for the country compared with 25 percent who say the same about Mr. Biden’s. Nearly half say the Biden years have been mostly bad for the country.”

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