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President Trump’s Master Class Debate Performance Added to Biden’s Poor Showing

Trump Debate

President Trump’s debate performance last night was master class. 

Matthew Boyle at Brietbart shares:

While everyone is understandably focused on Democrat President Joe Biden’s complete disaster of a performance in Thursday evening’s debate, gone missing in the post-debate analysis is just how effective his Republican opponent former President Donald Trump was in his own showing.

Trump, from the get-go, had a clear message he hammered Biden with all night: That Biden “has done a poor job” as President and life was better for Americans during Trump’s administration. And from the first few minutes of it, Trump had effectively framed the conversation on terms that were his: the discussion was about the economy, and Trump inserted into that talk of Biden’s failed withdrawal from Afghanistan and Biden’s open borders immigration policies. But even when the debate and conversation moved into areas that are typically Democrat strengths and GOP weaknesses, Trump swatted away concerns and moved deftly through a coherent policy vision while Biden struggled to score points on things like abortion and January 6 and the various hoaxes against Trump over the years.

The debate opened on the biggest issue facing the country—the economy—and Biden struggled from the get-go with the first question, offering a frail defense of how bad things are now by blaming Trump, but Trump in his first answer deftly laid out how the economy was very strong until COVID came in and then when he left office he gave Biden a mostly-recovered economy.


President Trump followed up with the following:

Then President Trump reminded us all of Biden’s horrible withdraw from Afghanistan.

Overall, President Trump mopped the floor with Biden.

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