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President Trump Wins Big in Nevada and the US Virgin Islands – What Is Haley Doing?

President Trump won big in both Nevada caucus and the US Virgin Islands last night.  

It’s clear President Trump is the favorite of the GOP.  His base is the largest in US history and only growing as we see Biden destroy the US in every way imaginable.

President Trump won the Nevada caucus last night.  Nikki Haley lost to the category of “None of these candidates”.

Donald Trump cemented his dominance in Nevada with a commanding victory in Thursday night’s caucuses following a symbolic win in Tuesday’s primary.

The race was called for Trump with less than 1 percent of the vote reported at 8:05 p.m. PST – just 35 minutes after caucus sites closed.

Trump was ahead with over 97 percent of the vote.

‘If we win this state, we easily win the election this November,’ Trump told enthusiastic MAGA-aligned Republicans gathered at Treasure Island Hotel & Casino to celebrate his victory.

The former president was delighted as he made his way to Las Vegas on Thursday afternoon on the heels of Supreme Court oral arguments where both conservative and liberal justices expressed skepticism over state efforts to keep the ex-president off the 2024 ballot.

He spent the entire day ahead of Nevada’s caucuses reacting to those oral arguments, as well as a blockbuster Justice Department report essentially deeming President Joe Biden too feeble to charge with a crime in the classified documents case.

Trump went straight to Treasure Island for his caucus night party after landing in Las Vegas where he was joined by surrogates, allies and caucus captains.

Meanwhile, his remaining competitor, former U.N. Amb. Nikki Haley, was not on the caucus ballot. She refused to spend the $55,000 required to participate in the caucus and repeatedly claimed the primary contest was ‘rigged’ by MAGA-aligned Nevada Republicans to hand him the victory and the delegates.

Trump congratulated no one after Haley came in second place in Tuesday’s primary – losing out to the option ‘none of these candidates.’

President Trump also won his third primary last night by winning the US Virgin Islands.  President Trump previously won the New Hampshire and the Nevada primaries.

Trump lauded his Virgin Islands victory as he landed in Las Vegas, Nevada to attend a caucus night party at Treasure Island Hotel & Casino.

‘I want to thank you all. We had a tremendous victory,’ Trump said during brief virtual remarks played for those gathered in St. Thomas to hear the results.

Despite RINOs and Democrats who have done all they can to condemn President Trump and try and destroy him, President Trump is the leader of the free world.

No one has come close to beating President Trump legitimately in any race this year.  He is the people’s choice.  The RNC better put in place leadership that will support President Trump and us all. 

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