President Trump Totally Upstages DeSantis in Florida | Joe Hoft


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President Trump Totally Upstages DeSantis in Florida

Trump Country

President Trump and other GOP candidates for President were in Florida this weekend.  President Trump showed why he is running away with the race. 

This weekend some individuals who are getting crushed in the race for the GOP nomination for President in 2024 and President Trump showed up in Florida at an election summit.  This event was timely with the final GOP debate coming up this week on the same night the President Trump is holding a rally in the Miami area.

It’s a good bet that President Trump will have thousands more in attendance in Miami than the GOP debate.  President Trump wisely decided not to attend the debates and allow the candidates to lie and slander him in front of the corrupt media.

On Saturday President Trump’s top contender, Ron DeSantis, gave a speech where he told his team to get rid of the teleprompters but in a planned skit but then proceeded to read from his notes.

President Trump trumped DeSantis by bringing on stage with him all the Florida politicians who support Trump for President.

We’ve never seen a politician like President Trump.

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