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President Trump to Be in New York to Watch Kangaroo Court Against Him Led by Nutjob Judge

President Trump on DOJ corrupt goons

President Trump shared that he will be in Manhattan today to attend the corrupt court case against him on a BS case never used before. 

President Trump shared that he will be in New York City today to see the kangaroo court that is running against him.

I will be attending the trial in Manhattan this morning. I greatly appreciate all of the legal professors and scholars that are saying I DID NOTHING WRONG. I can’t have a JURY and am being viciously tried under a Statute that has never been used before. The Radical Left Democrat Judge, WHO IS HIGHLY POLITICAL, serves as Judge, Jury, and everything else. America cannot let this happen. Our legal system is corrupt and broken! Everything emanates from Washington, “GET TRUMP.”

This is not about the law or crimes.  This is about a fascists and communist Uniparty after the one person who can stop them.

Crazy NY Judge Demands President Trump Stop Highlighting His Corrupt Team – Meanwhile President Trump Laments Corruption in NY

This says it all.

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