President Trump Stops for Pizza in Ft. Myers, FL with Rep. Byron Donalds – Crowd Cheers “USA, USA, USA” and “Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump” (VIDEO)

President Trump stopped by a local pizza place last night in Ft. Myers, Florida with US Rep. Byron Donalds.  The locals there cheered and started “Trump, Trump, Trump Trump” and “USA, USA, USA”.

President Trump was spotted in Ft. Myers, Florida stopping for a late-night slice of pizza with US Rep. Byron Donalds.  The crowd started going crazy when they arrived.

The crowd went nuts when President Trump entered the pizza shop.

The people of Florida love Trump.  They started yelling “We Love Trump”.

Earlier in the day the President spoke in the area.

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As of yesterday, nearly a dozen US Reps from Florida have backed President Trump for 2024.  Donalds is one of them.  

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