President Trump Shares that New York BS Case Could Start as Early as Monday | Joe Hoft


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President Trump Shares that New York BS Case Could Start as Early as Monday

Trump Im just standing in the way

President Trump shared an important message today about the corrupt actions taken against him and this country.  Please read.

I received this message in my email today.  This message is so important and it speaks to the character or President Trump while under attack from these monsters on the left.

After four sham arrests, indictments, and even a mugshot failed to break me, a Democrat judge is now trying to destroy my Family Business.

Democrats are seeking to bring down the world-famous “Trump Tower” and impose what some are calling “the corporate death penalty” upon me.

The trial could begin as early as Monday…

The Left is hoping that if they can hurt me financially, that I will shut down my campaign and forever surrender our country to the radical Left Democrats and the Deep State.

They want to take away my freedom, my finances, and harass my family.
But they can never take away my resilience, my courage, and my determination to save this country.

As I’ve said before, I will NEVER SURRENDER our mission – no matter how bad things get.

After every single attack against us, our movement has emerged stronger than ever before.

Now, the upcoming FEC-mandated deadline is our chance to prove just how strong our movement truly is.

When our report is released, there will be no question that the American people stand by the one and only movement that gives a voice to the forgotten citizens of our country, puts the needs of America first, and sets our nation on the path to GREATNESS!

If you’re doing poorly right now due to the very sinister and corrupt people running our country, then just hit the back button and go about your day. I mean it!

Please make a contribution before the FEC end-of-quarter deadline to help us post a MASSIVE FUNDRAISING QUARTER to prove that there’s NO ATTACK ON THE FACE OF THE PLANET that can stop our movement to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!



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