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President Trump Retweets Judicial Watch Tweets Depicting Efforts to Combat Deep State DOJ and FBI

President Trump is at the G-7 but he still found time to share tweets depicting the hard work Judicial Watch is taking to address corruption and crimes in the US government.

Judicial Watch is doing the dirty work in getting to the bottom of Spygate –

Judicial Watch is seeking records from the US government related to the Steele Dossier author Christopher Steele’s communications after he was fired by the FBI –

Judicial Watch follows our lead in identifying apparent fraudulent activities committed by Ilhan Omar (or whatever her real name is) –

Judicial Watch’s great investigator Chris Farrell discusses the many lies former FBI Director James Comey made when exonerating Hillary Clinton in the FBI’s bogus investigation of her emails –

Judicial Watch uncovered 14 referrals of FBI employees to the OPR of which many were never prosecuted –

Judicial Watch shows that the FBI cannot keep track of foreign nationals with shady backgrounds that the FBI brought into the US –

Everyone knows Representative Adam Schiff cannot be trusted –

Judicial Watch uncovered that disgraced James Comey committed crimes when he took to his house and outside of official custody classified documents and memos related to his discussions with President Trump –

Judicial Watch did more to bring justice to the election process than any entity since the 2016 Presidential election –

President Trump and Judicial Watch are on the same side of law and justice. They are doing more to ensure justice than the Democrats have done in decades!

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