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President Trump Responds to RINOs Gathering with Romney and Ryan in Utah to Stop Trump

The GOP is a mess.  The base is the largest political base in US history.  These people love President Trump because of all the good things he is doing for America.  

The RINOs in the party are in the leadership and they stand against President Trump and always have.  When the Democrats and Deep State tried to remove President Trump and his Administration from office, the RINOs stood with the Democrats, and they still do.

As reported yesterday, Trump haters Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are meeting with other Trump haters to discuss how they hate President Trump and strategize on how to hurt him.  These people are corrupt as hell.  They hate it that President Trump loves America and the American people love him.

Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney Holding Secret Meeting in Utah to Try Again and Stop President Trump

Last night President Trump responded to these animals who would rather spend their time hating America than helping the American people behind President Trump.

I understand Candidates that are losing by 57 to 70 Points are getting together with RINO Paul RINO, Mitt “The Loser” Romney, Bill “No Guts or Talent” Barr, and some broken political “investors” that will soon come to me, as most others already have. These failed Candidates should have started by campaigning effectively, which they didn’t because they don’t have the skill or the talent! Romney, who today couldn’t get elected “dogcatcher” in the Great State of Utah, should have beaten an absolutely failed first term Obama. If he and RINO Paul fought as hard against Obama as they do against President Donald J. Trump, they would never have lost, but remember, Republicans “Eat Their Young,” and that’s the problem with so many in our Party, they go after the people who are on their side, rather than the Radical Left Democrats that are DESTROYING OUR COUNTRY. These are LOSERS, and the Republican Nation must stop following their failed ideas and policies. They only help Crooked Joe Biden!

President Trump then shared a meme about Romney – excellent.

2 thoughts on “President Trump Responds to RINOs Gathering with Romney and Ryan in Utah to Stop Trump”

  1. Romney, Ryan and Barr cannot really think they have influence over voters.

    I think they just want to make some noise and impress the elites.

  2. Romney, a respected businessman and politician, lost to a newcomer nobody . . . ineligible to the presidency because his father wasn’t a U.S. citizen, an absolute constitutional requirement.
    A ‘citizen by operation of naturalization law,’ specifically provisions for unwed mothers bearing children on foreign soil (Obama, Sr was a bigamist, a British citizen, so the marriage to Dunham was void), or, even citizenship being born on U.S. soil (no valid documentation of Obama being born in Hawaii) created unconstitutionally by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1898 . . .
    He couldn’t even beat a flawed, ACORN election fraud supervising, ineligible candidate.


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