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President Trump Responds to Biden’s Insane Gift of Billions to Iran in Prisoner Swap

(Above – the pallet of cash given to Iran by Obama regime)

President Trump shared the Truth regarding Biden’s payment of billions to the Ayatollah in Iran in the prisoner swap that occurred this past week. 

As reported already, on 9-11 the Biden regime wired Iran $6 billion.  This was paid to Iran in the prisoner swap with the Ayatollah.

President Trump shared the following:

This absolutely ridiculous 6 Billion Dollar Hostage Deal with Iran has set a terrible PRECEDENT for the future. Buckel up, you are going to see some terrible things start to happen. The 3 years ago highly respected USA has become a laughingstock all over the WORLD. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. VOTE TRUMP!!!

I brought 58 HOSTAGES home from many different countries, including North Korea, and I never paid anything. They all understood they MUST LET THESE PEOPLE COME HOME! Toward the end, it got so that countries didn’t even start the conversation asking for money, because they knew they would not get it. Once you pay, you always pay, & MANY MORE HOSTAGES WILL BE TAKEN. Our grossly incompetent “leader,” Crooked Joe Biden, gave 6 BILLION DOLLARS for 5 people. Iran gave ZERO for 5. He’s Dumb as a ROCK!

After seeing what has happened to our beautiful USA in such a short period of time, including Afghanistan, Self Imposed Inflation, Energy Independence, the Horrors of the Open Border, NO VOTER I.D., & now, 6 Billion Dollars for 5 Hostages from Iran, I ASK, WHY HASN’T THE REPUBLICAN PARTY BEGUN THE PROCESS OF INVOKING THE 25th AMENDMENT AGAINST THE WORST & MOST INCOMPETENT PRESIDENT IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES, CROOKED JOE BIDEN? With these facts, they would have done it to us long ago!

Senator Cruz shared that the amount paid to Iran was actually $16 billion.

Biden Didn’t Pay Iran $6 Billion in Prisoner Exchange on 9-11, Biden Paid $16 Billion!!!

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