President Trump Responds Attempts by Soros-Backed Letitia James to Block Appeal of Unconstitutional Bond Demand | Joe Hoft


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President Trump Responds Attempts by Soros-Backed Letitia James to Block Appeal of Unconstitutional Bond Demand

President Trump Responds to Corrupt New York AG’s Witch Hunt Attempt to Block Appeal of Unconstitutional and Illegal Bond Demand

President Donald J. Trump has filed a powerful response to Racist and Corrupt New York AG Letitia James’ and Democrat Club-controlled Judge Arthur Engoron’s crooked, political Witch Hunt, specifically their Unconstitutional, Illegal bond demand.

Let’s face it.  Liberal communist fascists have destroyed New York.  The whole world knows it except idiots on CNN like the two women ignoring Kevin O’Leary below.

“Do You Think Is Good for America…Seizing Assets Like He Was in Venezuela” – Kevin O’Leary

President Trump shares,

Even though I did nothing wrong, a Radical Left New York Judge, a true Trump Hater, Arthur Engoron (Are we allowed to speak about his Unconstitutional Gag Order?), picked a number out of THIN AIR, $355,000,000, plus interest (reminiscent of John Lovitz, “The Liar,” on SNL when it was good), & wants me to bond it, which is not possible for bonding companies to do in such a high amount, before I can even Appeal. That is CRAZY! If I sold assets, and then won the Appeal, the assets would be forever gone. Also, putting up money before an Appeal is VERY EXPENSIVE. When I win the Appeal, all of that money is gone, and I would have done nothing wrong. The Crooked Judge, who has already been overturned 4 times on this case (a record!), fully understands this. He gave us a demand which he knows is impossible to do. This Witch Hunt, between a bad Judge and a Corrupt & Racist Attorney General, is horrible for New York. Businesses are FLEEING, while Violent Crime flourishes. ELECTION INTERFERENCE!

Here are some key excerpts from his filing:

It would be completely illogical—and the definition of an unconstitutional Excessive Fine and a Taking—to require Defendants to sell properties at all, and especially in a “fire sale,” in order to be able to appeal the lawless Supreme Court judgment, as that would cause harm that cannot be repaired once the Defendants do win, as is overwhelmingly likely, on appeal.

By demanding an undertaking in the full amount of the judgment in order to appeal, the Attorney General and Supreme Court have sought to impose a patently unreasonable, unjust, and unconstitutional (under both the Federal and New York State Constitutions) bond condition, which would cause irreparable harm and foreclose any review of Supreme Court’s deeply flawed decision in this case.

In short, while attempting to cynically and wrongfully tar the Defendants’ witnesses as “unreliable,” the Attorney General does not actually dispute the truth of a single one of their specific claims. This is unsurprising because these claims are undeniable to those with knowledge of real estate and sureties. See, e.g., Peter Coy, Why Donald Trump Can’t Put Up a Bond, N.Y. TIMES (Mar. 18, 2024) (explaining that “insurance regulation” renders sureties unable to post such massive bonds for privately held companies because “the state insurance departments that regulate surety bond companies don’t allow that kind of business”); id. (agreeing with Mr. Giulietti that, “[f]or Trump to have gotten the bond he needs to appeal, he would have needed to post about $1 billion in cash and liquid securities, more than twice the size of the judgment”); The Editors, Letitia James Turns the Screws on Trump, WALL ST. J. (Mar. 18, 2024) (explaining that the unwillingness of sureties to accept real-estate collateral “isn’t surprising,” and that “[i]nsurers may also fear Ms. James’ legal retribution if they provide the bond to Mr. Trump”).

God bless President Trump and America. 

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