President Trump Reminds Everyone that Judge Merchan Is Totally Corrupt | Joe Hoft


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President Trump Reminds Everyone that Judge Merchan Is Totally Corrupt

President Trump risks jail time from a corrupt New York judge for telling the truth.  

Judge Merchan’s daughter made millions from the Biden gang so he put a gag order on President Trump to prevent him from speaking about it.

The judge is overseeing a case where there are no crimes and where the prosecution says President Trump made 34 accounting related activities which they claim are felonies.

The War Room with Joe Hoft: Accounting Activities In DA Bragg Case Are Not Crimes-There Are No Crimes

President Trump won’t stand for this anymore.

JUST IN—President Trump goes straight after Judge Juan Merchan as he addresses the press after Stormy Daniels concludes her testimony:

“Everybody saw what happened today, I don’t think we have to do any explaining, I’m not allowed to anyway because this judge is corrupt. He’s a corrupt judge.”

“He’s a corrupt judge and he’s totally conflicted. I gotta get back on the campaign trail. I’m not supposed to be here.”

“Every single analyst, legal analyst, I’m innocent, and I’m being held in this court with a corrupt judge, who’s totally conflicted. Take a look at his conflict. It’s a disgrace.”

Reminder: Corrupt Judge Merchan’s daughter and her firm where she is a partner in her 20s received more than $2 million from the Biden Campaign in 2020.

These animals are totally corrupt.  



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