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President Trump Rallies Caucus goers In Nevada


Trump at Las Vegas Caucus

President Trump Rallies Caucus goers In Nevada on Saturday.

President Donald Trump was in Las Vegas, Nevada Saturday to rally a huge crowd of supporters ahead of the Nevada Republican Caucus.

President Trump is the only major Republican candidate that will be on the ballot for the February 8 caucus. Nikki Haley is guaranteed to lose.

Highlights from President Trump’s speech:

President Trump: “With the help of everyone here today we’re going to secure a gigantic win in the Nevada caucuses on… Thursday, February 8th.”

President Trump: “I’m proud that we’re the first non-incumbent in either party to win both Iowa and New Hampshire.”

President Trump: “Trump Republican voters are going to defeat Nikki Haley’s liberal Democrat donors every single time.”

President Trump: “On behalf of all Americans who want a strong and secure border, I want to express our thanks to Governor Greg Abbott and Lt. Governor Dan Patrick — and the great state of Texas… for rightly invoking the invasion clause of the U.S Constitution.”

President Trump: “When I’m president, instead of trying to send Texas a restraining order, I will send them reinforcements”

President Trump: “The fact is, that if Biden truly wanted to secure the border, he doesn’t really need a bill… I didn’t need a bill. I did it without a bill.”

President Trump: “And just recently a vicious illegal alien criminal who was wanted for murder… was discovered living… right here in Las Vegas… Within moments of my inauguration we will begin the largest domestic deportation operation in American history.”

President Trump: “What Joe Biden is doing is a crime against our nation, it’s a betrayal of our country, and it’s an atrocity against our Constitution.”

President Trump: “Every disaster Joe Biden has created for Hispanic Americans, I will solve… on day one, we will start that process. That’s why we’re going to win the record share of Latino votes.”

President Trump: “Just yesterday, Biden blocked the export of American natural gas to other countries… I will approve the export terminals on my very first day back.”

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