President Trump Petititions to Have Cameras in the DC Courtroom for His Trial | Joe Hoft


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President Trump Petititions to Have Cameras in the DC Courtroom for His Trial

Chutkan Jack Smith Trump Biden

President Trump petitions court to allow cameras in the DC court room. 

President Trump shared the following about the upcoming BS case in DC brought by the corrupt Biden regime.

Crooked Joe Biden’s Department of Justice will put me – his leading opponent – on trial the day before Super Tuesday (when I am likely to be named the presumptive presidential nominee). It will be an unprecedented moment in American history.

I firmly believe that the people of our country have a RIGHT to see what takes place in that courtroom – which is why it should be televised for voters to see for themselves.

If there’s no wrongdoing, if everything is honest and fair, then there should be nothing to hide from the public, right?

But the Biden-appointed Special Counsel is trying to keep cameras out of the courtroom.

It really makes you think…

In fact, the Special Counsel specifically fears that I will call the trial a “political witch hunt” on camera.

To not allow voters to see what takes place in the courtroom 24 hours before the most important day of voting in the primary would be a clear act of Election Interference.

That’s why I’m asking you to peacefully demand transparency by signing my petition for cameras in the courtroom.

Please add your name to my petition calling for cameras in the courtroom for my D.C. Trial in the middle of the 2024 election.

Let’s hope there are cameras so we can hear and see the garbage pile they try and throw on President Trump.  These people are the real criminals.

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