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President Trump Outlines the Criminals Behind the Lawfare Attacks Against Him

President Trump went off on the corrupt individuals connected to corrupt Democrats using lawfare to try and punish him. 

President Trump shared Attorney Mike Davis’s observations on the BS cased put against President Trump by Biden’s corrupted DOJ.

Here is his post at Truth Social.

President Trump also shared the situation in the corrupt case in New York:

I hope everyone is watching the Kangaroo Court Witch Hunt taking place against me, led by a totally corrupt and Racist A.G., and a highly partisan Judge who made his decision before the trial even started, and before he knew anything about the case. Mar-a-Lago worth $18,000,000? Yesterday, a highly acclaimed finance EXPERT powerfully stated that I did NOTHING WRONG, AND THAT I BUILT A GREAT COMPANY. The case should be dropped. No business will ever move to New York after watching this charade, and many will be leaving. I was not allowed a jury. SO UNFAIR. The Judge knows we are not guilty of anything but creating thousands of jobs and building a GREAT COMPANY!

President also shared information around the totally corrupt lawsuit in New York where E Jean Carroll claims citizen Trump raped her because she is so attractive.

This disgusting Slob, a Democrat Political Operative, is the same guy who funded a woman who I knew absolutely nothing about, sued me for Rape, for which I was found NOT GUILTY. She didn’t remember the year, decade, or much else! In Interviews she said some amazingly “inconsistent” things. Disgraceful Trial—Very unfair. I was asked by my lawyer not to attend—“It was beneath me, and they have no case.” That was not good advice.

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