President Trump on Deep State GAG Order: “I Refuse to Dignify This Attempt to STRIP ME of My First Amendment Rights” | Joe Hoft


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President Trump on Deep State GAG Order: “I Refuse to Dignify This Attempt to STRIP ME of My First Amendment Rights”

President Trump will not attend the kangaroo court in DC today where the criminally led DOJ and totally corrupt Jack Smith will push a gag order on President Trump threw the court of a totally corrupted and conflicted Obama judge. 

President Trump will not attend the kangaroo court hearing being held today in DC in front of corrupt DC Obama judge Tanya Chutkan.  This has been in the works for months by the Deep State.

Totally Corrupted Obama Judge Chutkan and DOJ Goon Jack Smith Expected to Censor President Trump’s Free Speech Monday

Julie Kelly reported on what will be going on today:

President Trump shared in an email his thoughts on this latest unheard of corruption by the Obama/Biden America hating gang of crooks.

Today, a hearing is taking place in our nation’s capital to decide whether or not Joe Biden can get away with imposing a GAG ORDER on his leading opponent – me.

Because I may be prohibited from speaking out against his corruption as of later today, I want to say all I can right now in this final email to you before the hearing.

Joseph, I have a lot to say, but it all comes from the heart.

Today really isn’t about gagging me…

…It’s an attempt to gag the American people.

Allow me to explain…

For years and years, hardworking and honest citizens have cried out for help from their elected officials – only to be ignored and silenced by the Washington Swamp.

Americans watched their rights get trampled on, they watched their jobs get shipped overseas, they watched our border get overrun with illegal aliens, they saw billions of our taxpayer dollars sent to faraway nations while our own roads and towns crumbled to pieces.

But that all changed on June 16, 2015 when I announced my candidacy as a political outsider and vowed to give a VOICE to these forgotten Americans.

I became a megaphone for the American people.

Suddenly, the Silent Majority was HEARD all across the world – and no matter how much the establishment wanted to turn me off, they couldn’t.

Our America First message was on every channel. It took over the Internet. Our gatherings turned into massive rallies and began filling up football stadiums. There wasn’t a soul on the planet that didn’t know the demands of the Silent Majority.

I FORCED the Swamp to finally listen to the concerns of the American people that they had ignored for decades.

They’ve even gone to extraordinary lengths to try and shut us down. They raided my home, spied on me, intimidated my associates and family, wrongfully indicted and arrested me, made a mugshot of me, and even tried to impose the “corporate death penalty” upon me.

Despite all of these vile attempts to break us, our movement has only gotten stronger.

But now, they’ve decided to try and FORCIBLY SILENCE me – and, by extension, our movement – by imposing a court-sanctioned gag order upon me.

Today, I will not be attending the hearing. I refuse to dignify this attempt to STRIP ME of my First Amendment rights.  Instead, I will be on the campaign trail in Iowa with the people to whom I have proudly given a voice ever since I rode down the Golden Escalator on June 16, 2015.

Now, after years of being your voice, I am asking YOU to be a voice for America and prove that NOTHING can silence the greatest movement in American history.

America is being taken over by radical communists and fascists and we have to stop them now.

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  1. The President has spoken to our hearts, that his “megaphone” is just a tempered whisper to our battle cry… Lord, we repent, we take on the sackcloth and ashes of humility because of your love for us…


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