President Trump on Biden Trying to Take Away His First Amendment Right to Free Speech on Monday | Joe Hoft


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President Trump on Biden Trying to Take Away His First Amendment Right to Free Speech on Monday

President Trump made some comments today about Biden taking away his free speech rights on Monday.

In an email to supporters, President Trump made the following statements about the totally corrupt Biden gang:

Let me make something abundantly clear…

What Crooked Joe is doing – attempting to GAG and JAIL his leading political opponent for 1,000 years – has absolutely nothing to do with justice.

It’s about FEAR.

The fear that if you stand in the way of the Left’s Marxist agenda, then YOU could be INDICTED, ARRESTED, CENSORED by the courts, or even IMPRISONED for your beliefs.

The fear that if you give the forgotten, hardworking men and women of this country a voice, then YOU too could be made their public enemy #1.

Look, I can’t say that I know what will happen at my “Gag Order” hearing in Washington on Monday, but what I can say with absolute certainty is that the America we know and love is gone.

It has been transformed into a Third World tin-pot dictatorship where the Democrats have gained complete control through the weaponization of our justice system.

But after every one of these sham indictments, OUR resilient movement has only grown that much stronger.

Why? Because we cut through the lies, the attacks, and the phony witch hunts. Unlike the Biden Administration, I always tell you the TRUTH.

And the simple truth is that Joe Biden is the most corrupt president our country has ever seen.

That’s why Crooked Joe is now desperate to SILENCE me for the rest of the election, hoping that it may finally bring our campaign to a halt.

But even during these dark times when the First Amendment is essentially facing ABOLISHMENT, my resolve to save our country does not waiver.

America is always worth fighting for!

I will never give up, and I will NEVER end this campaign.

Because YOU – the countless patriots who refuse to even flinch in the face of tyranny – are my hope, my courage, and my strength to NEVER SURRENDER our country to the radical Left.

And that UNBREAKABLE resolve is something these sick and twisted radicals will never understand.

Which is why despite all their vicious attacks, their lies, and their witch hunts, I only grow that much more confident that we WILL win back the White House and SAVE AMERICA in 2024!

The Biden gang are criminals trying to destroy America.  They hate America and all it stands for. 



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