President Trump May Have Destroyed North Korea’s Nuclear Missile Capabilities Last Year Leading to Upcoming Summit | Joe Hoft


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President Trump May Have Destroyed North Korea’s Nuclear Missile Capabilities Last Year Leading to Upcoming Summit

The reason North Koreans are coming to the table now may be because President Trump destroyed all their nuclear missile capabilities last year!

FOX News reported over the weekend that in September of 2017 during a nuclear test a mountain in North Korea where the test was performed was totally wiped out.

According to FOX, “Experts say the underground nuclear blast pushed the surface of Mt. Mantap outward by as much as 11 feet and left the mountain about 20 inches shorter.”

Two days ago the Japan Times reported that North Korea says its going to blow up its nuclear test site before the meeting between their leader and President Trump in June in Singapore –

North Korea wants the world to watch as it blows up its Punggye-ri nuclear test site, the country has said, announcing that it will hold a “ceremony” between May 23 and May 25, inviting foreign journalists to witness what it said would be a “transparent” event.

Some experts believe that the reason North Korea is doing this and meeting President Trump is because the President destroyed North Korea’s nuclear testing ability during the explosion last year.

Newsweek reported on a new book, Striking Power: How Cyber, Robots, and Space Weapons Change the Rules of War, by international law professors John Yoo (University of California, Berkeley) and Jeremy Rabkin (George Mason University). In the article Newsweek states the following –

…Yoo suggests, the U.S. should go on the offense with cyberweapons designed to do things like make missiles malfunction (which maybe it has already done, but shh!), erase data from military computers, wipe out the country’s bank accounts or even steal and publicize Kim’s smoochy emails to Dennis Rodman. It might send out tiny, barely detectable, AI-driven drones that work together like swarms of bees to take out key assets or people. In the longer run, Yoo says, it’s feasible to develop satellite-based anti-missile technology armed with AI that could watch other nations, learn what an impending missile launch looks like and immediately fry the thing with lasers.

In addition to the article above, after North Korea’s mountain collapse in September 2017, President Trump was bold in his tweets towards the Hermit Kingdom. One tweet will go down in history as perhaps the greatest tweet ever when the President shared he would “NEVER call him [Kim Jong-un] short and fat”.

In January of this year, President Trump was even more bold in his tweets toward Kim Jong-un sharing that his [Trump’s] button is much bigger than the North Korean’s –

Now it looks like the President knew what many in the media who were calling him a ‘mad-man who was going to start a nuclear war’ did not know, that North Korea’s nuclear bomb capabilities had been destroyed. Although not yet verified, it is suspected that perhaps President Trump knew North Korea had no nuclear capabilities because Trump had them destroyed himself.

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