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PRESIDENT TRUMP: Joe Biden’s Real Healthcare Record

Health care costs

Joe Biden’s real healthcare record. 

This is what President Trump shared about Biden last night.

Since Biden took office, healthcare costs are rising and patients have fewer options for care:

  • Private health insurance premiums have risen for the third year in a row under Biden. In 2024, Americans purchasing a plan through the marketplace will pay a record $584 a month, or $7,008 a year, for their coverage.
  • Average workplace health insurance premiums for employees and their families jumped 7% in 2023, climbing to nearly $24,000.
  • Since Biden took office, drug costs for patients are climbing—over-the-counter drugs cost 16% more today than in January 2021.
  • For two years in a row, Joe Biden has slashed payments to 33 million Americans—over half of the Medicare population—enrolled in Medicare Advantage, a system of private healthcare plans.
  • The Berkeley Research Group estimates that medical cost inflation will be between 4% and 6% next year for Medicare Advantage beneficiaries.
  • The rule changes in the Biden administration’s Notice of Benefit and Payment Parameters for 2024 will kick nearly 3 million people off their health plans by making over 57% of plans currently offered through the federal marketplace illegal.
  • In his first month in office, the Biden administration froze two Trump-era rules lowering drug prices for Americans, including regulations lowering costs for under-served patients needing EpiPens and insulin.
  • Biden’s so-called “Inflation Reduction Act” massively lowers research and development spending for cancer treatments and cures, and would “ultimately raise, as opposed to lower, cancer mortality.”
    • Price controls included in the “Inflation Reduction Act” will, according to research from the University of Chicago, reduce cancer research and development spending by $663 billion, or 18.5%, over the next fifteen years. The reduction in cancer R&D spending caused by the Inflation Reduction Act eclipses any new proposed cancer research spending by 9.4 times.


President Trump increased competition, spurred medical research and innovation, and lowered costs for patients:


  • President Trump took executive action to make it the official policy of the United States to protect patients with pre-existing conditions.
  • The Trump Administration cut miles of burdensome red tape across the healthcare industry, saving the medical community a projected $6.6 billion in wasteful regulatory compliance costs.
  • President Trump lowered drug prices for Americans for the first time in over fifty years, saving them almost 10% on prescription drugs. His administration finalized rules to allow patients to import cheaper prescription drugs from Canada, as well as the Most Favored Nation Rule to ensure that pharmaceutical companies offer the same discounts to Americans that they do to other nations.
    • The Most Favored Nation Rule alone is projected to save patients $85 billion over seven years, including $30 billion in out-of-pocket costs.
  • President Trump instituted unprecedented, pro-patient price transparency rules, giving Americans more access than ever to vital information about the different medical services, insurance plans, treatments, drugs, and their costs available to them.
  • President Trump promoted competition in the individual health insurance market, resulting in lower premiums for three years in a row.
  • The Trump Administration added over 2,000 new Medicare Advantage plan options during his administration, and lowered Medicare Advantage premiums to their lowest level in 14 years, saving beneficiaries nearly $1.5 billion.
  • President Trump reduced prescription drug premiums by nearly $2 billion for Medicare Part D beneficiaries.
  • President Trump enhanced Medicare Part D plans to cap insulin at $35 a month copay.
  • The Trump Administration championed access to healthcare in rural and underserved communities by expanding telehealth availability and increasing Medicare payments to rural hospitals.
  • President Trump increased funding for Alzheimer’s disease research by $1 billion, signed an executive order to fight kidney disease with improved treatment and more transplants, and initiated a campaign to provide $500 million over the next decade for childhood cancer research.
  • President Trump passed Right to Try, giving terminally ill patients access to lifesaving, cutting-edge therapies and cures.

President Trump will protect Medicare: Not “a single penny” will be cut from “the benefits our seniors worked for and paid for their entire lives.”

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