President Trump is Way Up in All the Polls Since Indictment – Crushing the Field | Joe Hoft


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President Trump is Way Up in All the Polls Since Indictment – Crushing the Field

President Trump is way up in all the polls since the bogus indictment by Soros-backed NY DA Alvin Bragg. These communists have created this lead against President Trump.

President Trump was spied on by Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and the gang.  These corrupt actors then created an operation to align President Trump with Russia and used this in an attempted coup of the Trump Administration.  This went on for years and they all knew it was complete BS.

They then impeached President Trump for asking about the wrongdoings of the Bidens in Ukraine which are on record.  The Bidens took millions from Ukraine and forced the Ukrainian government to get rid of an investigator looking into Burisma, where Hunter Biden was making millions doing nothing on the Board.

Next, these corrupt actors were behind the certification of the corrupt, fraudulent, and uncertifiable election for Joe Biden.  Then they set President Trump and his million followers up on Jan 6 by instigating riots and killing four Trump supporters in the process.  Many have been arrested and thrown in jail with no court dates.  Others have been convicted on overcharged crimes for walking around the Capitol after being invited in by the Capitol Police.

Now these same corrupt actors connected to George Soros, Barack Obama and Joe Biden are indicting President Trump based on more lies.

They will never stop till all the good people in America are quiet or dead.  This is the communist way.

The good news is that the American people are jumping on the Trump train in droves.

Current polls show that President Trump has his biggest lead in the Presidential race in the GOP.

In Iowa, a bellwether state, President Trump is way up.

President Trump has received $8 million in donations since the bogus indictment by these bad and corrupt actors in New York.  President Trump is surging in the polls as well since the Soros-backed Manhattan DA Bragg announced he was indicting President Trump.

President Trump is way up in the overall polls for President when compared to other candidates and potential candidates for President.

President Trump is on the way to earn 90 million votes in 2024.  We now have to stop the Democrats and elites from creating 60 million votes to beat him. 

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