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President Trump Is Right – Biden Does Whatever China Tells Him

Corruption has a cost.  To America, Biden’s corruption costs the country money, reputation and freedom. 

Joe Biden is corrupt and tied to China.  He and his son have made millions, even received billions from the CCP.

China Joe Biden’s acts are now well documented.  As early as February 2021 we knew Biden was helping China.

All of China Joe’s Actions to Date With China – Help China and Hurt America

Everything China Joe does helps China.  The open border, the spy balloon, the election steal, COVID ramifications, national security, foreign policy, the economic disaster, all help China.

President Trump knows this.  He shared a Truth about it yesterday:

Biden will do about Russia whatever President Xi of China wants him to do. Remember, Hunter & Joe illegally took large amounts of money from both countries, but China right now is the bigger threat. China & Russia, until Biden came along, have always been natural enemies, with China wanting large portions of largely unpopulated Russian land to have for their much larger population. This is China’s heretofore unthinkable opportunity, much bigger than Taiwan, which to President Xi, can wait!

President Trump is right again.  China Joe is a China lover.  His actions with China are beyone sedition.  They are insane. 

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