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President Trump Holds Rally in Ohio Promoting America First Policies

Trump in Ohio

President Donald Trump was in Dayton, Ohio Saturday to address a massive crowd.

Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan said: “What we had under President Trump–a guy who did what he said he was going to do…was amazing. He said he would cut taxes, he did. He said he would reduce regulations, he did. He said he would put conservatives on the court, he did.”

Ohio Senator J.D. Vance: “You’ve got a president who… the murderer of Laken Riley, refused to call that person an illegal–apologized for calling that person an illegal. What disgraceful conduct for a President of the United States.”

Ohio businessman and U.S. Senate candidate Bernie Moreno: “I am so sick of Republicans that will say ‘I support President Trump’s policies, but I don’t like the man.’ This is a good man. This is a great American. This man wakes up everyday fighting for us, fighting for this country. He loves this country…”

Highlights from President Trump’s speech:

President Trump: “Bernie is a political outsider who’s spent his entire life building up Ohio communities…He’s going to be a warrior in Washington. Bernie’s strong on borders–he’ll fight to crush the cartels that are flooding our towns…with fentanyl…”

President Trump: “Bernie’s running against a weak RINO named Matt Dolan…he’s trying to become the next Mitt Romney…Matt Dolan once ran for office as a Democrat and he’s easily pushed around by the woke left lunatics.”

President Trump: “With your vote, we’re going to take back the Senate, we’re going to win Ohio in November–we’re going to win by a lot.”

President Trump: “To all Republicans, independents, and disillusioned Democrats, of which there are many, I invite you to join our movement to save our country.”

President Trump: “Among my very first actions upon taking office will be to stop the invasion of our country and send Joe Biden’s illegal aliens back home.”

President Trump: “Laken’s killer was set loose into the United States through Joe Biden’s program of releasing military-aged males…Laken Riley would be alive today if Biden had not unleashed this…Instead of apologizing to Laken’s family…Biden apologized to the killer.”

President Trump: “Not one more American life should be lost to migrant crime. When I’m President of the United States…we will demand justice for Laken. On day one, my administration will terminate every open border policy of the Biden administration.”

President Trump: “Under Biden, the cost of rent is up 30%, groceries are up 30%. Everything is up!”

President Trump: “Biden’s socialist spending…your Social Security is going to be gone…he’s destroying the economics of this country–and that includes Medicare…I made a promise: I will always keep Social Security, Medicare.”

President Trump: “This election–2024–blows 2016 away, It’s not even close. Our country is failing…we’re a nation in decline. We’re going to turn this around, we’re going to make America great again…greater than ever before.”

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