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President Trump Greeted by Massive Michigan Crowd Then Blasts Biden in Speech


President Trump was greeted by a massive crowd in Michigan before his speech to striking auto workers.  He then went on to destroy the corrupt Biden crime family and their America hating actions. 

The crowd greeting President Trump in Michigan was massive. Citizen Free Press shared a short clip of the crowd.

President Trump didn’t disappoint as he went after the radical and corrupt Biden gang.

President Trump sides with the auto workers.

President Trump shared, just like you are fighting for your rights and the American dream, I am fighting for my rights and my freedom.

President Trump shared that Biden is surrendering our manufacturing to China like Biden did with Afghanistan.

Trump: “The only time Joe Biden’s gotten his hands dirty is when he’s taking cash from foreign countries.”

President Trump is a political genius, a billionaire, and was a great President. 

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