President Trump Graciously Acknowledges Those Who Held Prayer Call for Him Monday Night

President Trump didn’t have to do this but he took his time to acknowledge the group of individuals who got together to pray for President Trump and this country on Monday night. 

On Monday evening, a prayer call was scheduled for President Trump.  The President was being threatened with an indictment on Tuesday and Americans were concerned.  The prayer call was the result.

UPDATE: PRESIDENT TRUMP TO JOIN AT 7:15!!! – LIVE STREAM VIDEO: Pastors for Trump Prayer Call at 7pm Eastern – Join Pastor Lahmeyer, Pastor Hagen, General Flynn, Roger Stone, OAN’s Dan Ball, RAV’s Karyn Turk, TGP’s Joe Hoft, Angela Stanton King and More

However, early into the call the President was cut off.  It was unknown if it was the Deep State, the devil or too many people on the call blowing out the line.

Prayer Call with President Trump Is Shut Down 5 Minutes After President Trump Calls In – Reason Still Unknown

Today President Trump recognized the effort on Truth Social.

President Trump also shared the prayer that night.  When asked about praying for him, President Trump said to pray for the country.

Special thanks to Kristin Davis, Pastor Jackson Lahmeyer and all for putting this together. 

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