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President Trump Delivers Remarks on Biden’s Border Bloodbath

President Trump on Biden Bloodbath

President Trump Delivers Remarks on Biden’s Border Bloodbath

President Donald Trump delivered remarks on Biden’s border bloodbath in Grand Rapids, Michigan Tuesday.

President Trump received the endorsement of the Police Officers Association of Michigan.

Allegan County Sheriff Frank Baker said: “There are a lot of tragedies that are happening, as you mentioned with Ruby Garcia…It’s happening in our neighborhoods even though the border’s a long ways away and we need help. And so, I appreciate what you’re doing to help us.”

Van Buren County Sheriff Daniel Abbott: “The open southern border is the heart of lawlessness and crime you’re witnessing… We need leadership at the national level that is willing to solve this crisis. President Trump, without a doubt, is the leader we need to get the job done.”

Highlights from President Trump’s speech:

President Trump: “Under Crooked Joe Biden, every state is now a border state, every town is now a border town. Joe Biden has brought the carnage and chaos and killing from all over the world and dumped it straight into our backyards.”

President Trump: “This is country changing, it’s country threatening and it’s country wrecking. But I stand before you today to declare that Joe Biden’s border bloodbath…it’s going to end on the day that I take office.”

President Trump: “Michigan communities are being ravaged by a new form of crime, that’s the migrant crime… Eleven days ago, right here in Kent County, a 25-year-old Michigan woman Ruby Garcia… was savagely murdered by an illegal alien criminal.”

President Trump: “I said I will deliver justice for Laken… and now today I’m adding something. It’s going to be for Laken, and it’s also going to be justice for Ruby.”

President Trump: “Under the Trump administration, we had a tough policy of getting the bad people out… we took them out by the thousands. We took, as an example, the MS-13 gangs out.”

President Trump: “Two months ago, another illegal alien criminal was sentenced in Kent County for executing a 22-year old Grand Rapids woman, while she was in the car with her one-year old baby… He was allowed to come into the country by a very weak border policy.”

President Trump: “Fentanyl and opioid deaths in your state are up 32% and deadly drugs pour across the border at levels that nobody’s ever seen before, steering… these vats of poison right into Michigan lives… you’re under an invasion.”

President Trump: “Biden and Whitmer are stealing your money to give free housing to illegals.”

President Trump: “On Day One, I will SEAL THE BORDER, and we will begin the largest domestic deportation operation in the history of our country!”



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