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President Trump Delivers Remarks at CPAC


President Trump Delivers Remarks At CPAC

President Donald Trump delivered remarks at CPAC Saturday.

President Trump’s visit marked his 14th appearance at CPAC, breaking the record previously held by President Ronald Reagan.

Highlights from President Trump’s speech:

President Trump: “Four years ago, I told you that if Crooked Joe Biden got to the White House, our borders would be abolished, our middle class would be decimated and our communities would be plagued by…violent crime. We were right about everything.”

President Trump: “A vote for Trump is your ticket back to freedom, it’s your passport out of tyranny and it’s your only escape from Joe Biden and his gang’s fast track to hell.”

President Trump: “We have it in the grasp to make America richer, and safer, and stronger, and prouder, and more beautiful than ever before.”

President Trump: “[Illegal aliens] do come from prisons and mental institutions…It will be the largest deportation in the history of our country…They’re killing our people. They’re killing our country. We have no choice!”

President Trump: “For years, you watched as the entire Washington cesspool has been feeding on the wealth, and hopes, and dreams of hard working Americans…They feasted on the profits of job killing trade deals…They’re sickos.”

President Trump: “For hardworking Americans, November 5th will be our new Liberation Day. But for the liars…censors, and imposters who have commandeered our government, it will be their JUDGMENT DAY!”

President Trump: “Your victory will be our ultimate vindication, your liberty will be our ultimate reward and the unprecedented success of the United States of America will be my ultimate and absolute revenge…success will be our revenge.”

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