President Trump Decides Not To Follow President Obama’s Failed Policies in Iraq in Afghanistan | Joe Hoft


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President Trump Decides Not To Follow President Obama’s Failed Policies in Iraq in Afghanistan

President Trump announced yesterday that he would not pull US troops from Afghanistan after studying the war there closely. This was a clear indication that he would not follow President Obama’s failed policies in Iraq.

The failed policies of President Obama created a nightmare in Iraq in the form of ISIS. Obama not only pulled US troops from Iraq but he also provided guns to ‘rebels’ in Syria to combat Syria’s Assad. Instead these ‘rebels’ morphed into ISIS and took over large swaths of land in Syria and Iraq. Due to Obama, many of the cities in Iraq that US forces had given their lives to defend and set free from radical Islamists were handed over to ISIS.

President Obama and Hillary Clinton did not want Americans to know about their failed policies in the Middle East.

Thanks to documents obtained and released by Judicial Watch, a 2012 defense intelligence report on the civil war in Syria openly states that the policy of the US and its allies was to support the Salafist opposition to the Syrian regime ran by president Bashar al-Assad. This opposition was spearheaded by Al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) and the Islamic State of Iraq which soon morphed into ISIS.

What is shocking about this report was that Obama knew that the Syrian opposition was dominated by al Qaeda in Iraq and Obama-Clinton went ahead and supported them anyways and these actions led to what eventually morphed into ISIS.

It is hard to believe that just a few years after the US surge in Iraq, where Americans lost their lives to bring more relative peace to the nation than it had had in decades, that foolish Obama and his Secretary of State Clinton would pull all troops out of Iraq and then hand over weapons and support to al Qaeda/ISIS to fight Assad. A fifth grader could have foretold what was going to happen better than Obama-Clinton!

Once ISIS took over all hell broke loose. ISIS captured women and made them sex slaves. They auctioned them off and have even reportedly shipped them to Saudi Arabia.

Mass graves were reported where ISIS stripped down captured Syrian soldiers and then shot them dead in the desert.

Numerous beheadings were filmed by the evil terrorists and shared with the world. Some of the victims were Americans. Obama’s response was to go golfing.

Now members are ISIS are suspected of being in the US. The Orlando gay club killer pledged himself to ISIS and more were suspected of being shipped in daily via Obama-Clinton’s immigration policies.

Thousands of Yazidis and Iraqis were slaughtered by ISIS while Obama partied. Obama did not care nor did he take credit for the atrocities being his fault. The ISIS massacres will go down in history as the great Holocaust of the Obama years. Terror, bloodshed and death occurred on a daily basis while Obama did nothing.

President Trump’s decision to not provide arms to terrorists in Afghanistan and to not pull troops out of Afghanistan thereby creating a terror vacuum are not the same as Obama’s actions in Iraq… and for the sake of the people in Afghanistan thank God they’re not.

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