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President Trump Comes Out the HUGE Winner After CNN’s Debate – Kaitlan Collins and Big Media Show Zero Respect for President

Big Media shows they are the enemy of the state.

President Trump had a town hall last night on CNN.  It was a great move for President Trump.  As a result, Kaitlan Collins and CNN show that CNN is still CNN.  She showed no respect for President Trump and reminded Americans why she and Big Media are the enemies of the United States.

During the Civil War Republican Abraham Lincoln shut down the corrupt and pro-slavery, pro-Confederate, and pro-Democrat media.  He had to stop the lies against his administration from destroying his effort to free the slaves from the Democrats.

The media today is worse.

Clay Travis stated the obvious. Biden could never do this.

Leo Terrell gave President Trump an A+.

CNN’s Kaitlan Collins was caught in at least one lie. Of course, she is CNN. She knew better.

Collins said President Trump only built 50 miles of new wall – another lie.

Marjorie Tayler Greene had nothing but compliments for President Trump.

This says it all:


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