President Trump and Speaker Johnson Announce Plan to Prevent Illegals from Voting | Joe Hoft


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President Trump and Speaker Johnson Announce Plan to Prevent Illegals from Voting

President Trump and Speaker Johnson held a joint press conference at Mar-a-Lago to announce efforts to prevent Biden illegals from voting in US elections. 

Here are some notes from their presser:

President Trump told Biden to shut down the border.  He said he could do this today.  As a candidate and as a citizen, President Trump wants the border shut down.

President Trump then introduced Speaker Johnson who introduced a bill to keep illegals out of US elections.  Illegals should not vote in US elections.  The Biden regime is by design destroying the US.

Biden signed 64 Executive Orders that mandated that the border be open.  Many of these actions went against the great work of President Trump’s Administration to prevent illegals and cartels from entering this country.

You need to understand something really important about federal law. Since 1993, the National Voter Registration Act, we call it the motor voter law, allows people to sign up to vote when they get a drivers license. If an individual only does search, or simply states that they are a citizen, they don’t have to prove it. They can register that person to vote in a federal election, and you see states are currently prohibited, believe it or not, the states are prohibited from asking someone to prove that they are a citizen.

…What we’re going to do is, the House Republicans are introducing a bill that will require proof of citizenship to vote. It seems like common sense, I’m sure all of us would agree. We only want U.S. citizens to vote in U.S. elections. But, there are some Democrats who don’t want to do that. We believe that one of their designs, one of the reasons for this open border, which everybody asks all around the country, ‘Why would they do this? Why would they allow all of this chaos? Why the violence?’ Because they want to turn these people into voters.”

Johnson said that he and President Trump would “do everything” within their power to “ensure that we do have free and fair elections in this country.”

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  1. Some states – like Florida – forced their motor vehicle bureau staff to give EVERY applicant for a license or permit to receive a voter registration form. Maria Matthews, formerly on the ERIC board, and Cord Byrd’s tool, mandated this in 2019. Be precise.


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