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Pictures Say a Million Words

Two pictures released in the media over the past week say it all.  One of the corrupt actor in the White House and his criminal son and the second a large individual who has no chance but is running for the White House in 2024. 

A picture of Joe and Hunter Biden was released by the Washington Free Beacon showing Joe and Hunter in the back of the Joe’s favorite car.  The same car that was in the garage where stolen top secret documents were held by the Bidens.

The Free Beacon shared:

“First of all, my son has done nothing wrong,” President Joe Biden told MSNBC last month. It was but one of a litany of such statements from Biden, who has behaved as if any question from the press about his son’s criminal activity—and there haven’t been many—is an affront, an indignity, and an insult to the office.

The younger Biden owed more than $1 million in taxes over several years, and over $200,000 for the years in which he struck the plea deal. Even then, his celebrity lawyer pal didn’t fork over the money to the federal government on his behalf until the Department of Justice started investigating him. He also copped to owning a gun while he was coked up, and lying about it when he bought the firearm in 2018. That’s a felony, but Hunter is getting off with a slap on the wri—uh, probation and enrollment in a “diversion program.”

Democrats, very much including Biden, love to talk about the two systems of justice in this country: one for the rich and well-connected, the other for racial minorities and the poor. When it came to his son, apart from lying to the American people, Biden’s statements about Hunter Biden’s innocence constituted presidential interference with the Justice Department probe.

So we’ll wait for the left to cry foul over this and the fact that the presidential son got off with a slap on the wrist for crimes that would have landed others behind bars.

The rank bullshit that has emanated from the White House on related issues is secondary but not unimportant. It wasn’t even a year ago that Biden signed the inaptly named Inflation Reduction Act into law. In the weeks beforehand, we heard endless jawboning from administration officials about why the additional $80 billion the law is now funneling to the IRS, much of it for increased enforcement, was necessary to hold the powerful to account.

Another picture of former New Jersey governor Chris Christie sleeping on a plane in first class was released this week as well.

Christie is running for President where he has no shot.  He clearly is getting paid to enter the race and attempt to damage President Trump for 2024.  Christie damaged President Trump previously when he recommended that Chris Wray be named the Head of the FBI after James Comey was fired.

Christie was bashing President Trump in a church this week.

Former Republican Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey ripped former President Donald Trump Friday after the crowd at the Faith and Freedom Coalition Conference booed him.

Christie criticized Trump during his Friday speech at the event, drawing the crowd’s vocal disapproval. Christie, a critic of the former president, said Trump “let us down” and blasted him for being “unwilling to take responsibility.”

Earlier in the week Christie was caught sleeping in the first class section on a flight.

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