Paul Ryan Can’t Stop Messing Up the US House – Seen with Speaker Johnson Yesterday | Joe Hoft


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Paul Ryan Can’t Stop Messing Up the US House – Seen with Speaker Johnson Yesterday

Yesterday a picture was released of former Speaker and Trump-hater Paul Ryan with the new Speaker Michael Johnson. 

This was a terrible look for Johnson who comes from the party with the largest base in history for one candidate ever – President Trump. 

Here is a picture

An anonymous reader shared thoughts related to this picture:

Paul Ryan is responsible for Internal Fracture of the GOP, The Speaker Should be Aware!

In the ever-shifting landscape of politics, maintaining unity within a party is crucial for achieving collective goals. However, internal dynamics can be tested when one individual’s behavior becomes a source of contention, leading to an internal split within the party.

Conversely, dissenters within the party express deep concern over the potential reputational damage caused by individual’s actions. They believe that the behavior in question not only contradicts the party’s core values but also risks alienating key demographics crucial for electoral success. This internal debate has ignited discussions about the party’s identity and the importance of holding members accountable for their actions.

The democrats have the green party wing, and the republicans have the libertarian wing.  This unspoken fragile alliance, often never discussed by either party, can make, or break election turn out for candidates.

We can now see how Paul Ryan impacted this important republican libertarian relationship when Ryan had an elite paid event instead of an open public hearing that led to tea party patriots arrest that dared to ask him questions relating jobs, and the economy.  This wasn’t a democrat protest at a republican event, this was a libertarian uprise with the republican party.

Speaker Mike Johnson’s recent action to pass a very controversial National Defense Act (NDA) after meeting with Paul Ryan for a private lunch has shocked the party that recently elected him speaker of the house.

This rift has emerged from an old wound because of the speaker’s rush to pass a dangerous National Defense Act that impacts the military that is filled with pork that places our national security at risk after a close encounter with the unliked kind.

Ryan’s behavior, which has polarized the party in the past and divide centers on differing perspectives now places a question over Johnson’s overall effectiveness.

This internal split will leave the party members grappling with tough decisions about whether to prioritize individual loyalty or uphold a unified front. As discussions intensify, a leader is tasked with finding a delicate balance that respects diverse opinions while steering the party toward a cohesive path forward.


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