OUTRAGEOUS: Supreme Court Ignores Corrupt Actions of Corrupt Obama Judge Against Attorneys Sidney Powell and Lin Wood | Joe Hoft


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OUTRAGEOUS: Supreme Court Ignores Corrupt Actions of Corrupt Obama Judge Against Attorneys Sidney Powell and Lin Wood

Outrageous – an Obama judge who never looked at a case and then placed sanctions on President Trump related attorneys after the 2020 Election steal is backed by the US Supreme Court. 

The Supreme Court has been way off and outside of justice many times.  When it voted to ignore the Texas case after the 2020 Election and then to approve Biden’s invasion of the Southern Border, the court was against the American people and the Constitution.

Yesterday, the US Supreme Court again landed on the side of injustice.

The Washington Times reports:

The Supreme Court refused to hear two appeal cases that sought to overturn sanctions imposed on lawyers who were allied with former President Donald Trump in 2020.

The sanctions, which were partially upheld by the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, were the result of a lawsuit in Michigan that alleged the results of the 2020 presidential election were illegitimate and part of a larger international scheme to elect President Joe Biden.

Although the lawsuits were withdrawn in 2021, after the election results were certified, demands for sanctions against the lawyers involved had already been made. The lawyers, as a result, were required to pay legal fees, endure new legal training, and were referred to their individual state bar associations for any additional disciplinary actions, according to NBC News.

What the Washington Times refused to report was the story behind this case.

In my best selling book – The Steal – Volume III: The Cover-Up, I discuss how the courts wouldn’t agree to even looking into the many election cases across the country after the election.  One of these cases was in Michigan (page 29).

…on December 7, 2020, Obama-appointed Judge Linda V. Parker ruled on Powell’s case in Michigan. It was already suspicious that this case somehow landed in her court. Judge Parker in her 36-page reply ended by saying the case “lacks standing, proposes a remedy that is far too late to enforce – and critically undermines ‘faith in the democratic process’.”

Despite mountains of evidence of election fraud in Michigan, including vans showing up in the middle of the night at the TCF Center in Detroit and ballot mules caught dropping ballots in drop boxes across the state on video, law enforcement didn’t want to investigate, and judges didn’t want to adjudicate.

The Obama Judge plain and simple didn’t want to review the case. She threw it out.  But Judge Parker wasn’t through. In addition to dismissing the case, later in August of 2021, Obama Judge Parker asked to have attorneys Sidney Powell and Lin Wood investigated for possible suspension or disbarment for bringing the case.

Judge Parker was nasty.  She ignored all the corruption in the Michigan election in 2020 and the attacked the attorneys who brought the mountains of evidence into her courtroom.

The US Supreme Court in February threw the case out as well.

Like a faithful fascist judge, Obama Judge Parker did her part to ensure the 2020 Election in Michigan was not investigated or certified properly.

Yesterday, the US Supreme Court certified Judge Parker’s attacks on justice. 




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