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OUTRAGEOUS – Ray Epps Arrested on a Misdemeanor for His Actions on Jan 6

Ray Epps was finally indicted for his role on Jan 6 with a slap on the wrist.  Numerous individuals have been imprisoned for far less. 

Ray Epps was at the Capitol on Jan 5 and Jan 6, 2021.  He was captured on video doing the same acts and worse of other individuals who have been imprisoned from their actions on that day.  He was on the most wanted list for his actions that day and then suddenly removed from the list without ever being charged.  Today he was finally charged with a misdemeanor – what a terrible joke.

J6 Prisoner Sean McHugh Describes How Ray Epps Pushed His Mother Down to the Ground When He Was Hurling Huge MAGA Flag at Police – Epps Walks Free as McHugh Is Sentenced to 6.5 Years in Prison

Ray Epps was seen on Jan 5 next to John Sullivan who was a member of Antifa and who was in the Capitol on Jan .6.

Former Capitol Police Chief Tells Tucker Carlson “It’s Not Crazy” to Wonder about Ray Epps and His Role on January 6

A number of innocent men were imprisoned for pushing a sign at the police on Jan 6 but recent video shows that the one pushing the sign was Ray Epps.

Fake News ’60 Minutes’ Runs Entire Segment on Ray Epps Without Showing HIS CRIMINAL ASSAULT CAUGHT ON VIDEO – Eight Other Men Are Serving Years in Prison Today for Standing Next to Epps and Committing Same ‘Criminal’ Act

Here are the eight men who are imprisoned for what Ray Epps did.

Ray Epps Lied – He Committed Criminal Acts and It Was ALL CAUGHT on Video — Here Are the Eight Trump Supporters the FBI Arrested and Who Are Serving Years in Prison for Committing Same Act

There is no justice in America.  Ray Epps will walk free while real Trump supporters are placed behind bars and labeled terrorists by this corrupt and communist government. 

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