OUTRAGEOUS: Democrats Impeached President Trump for Asking About Biden Crimes in Ukraine | Joe Hoft


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OUTRAGEOUS: Democrats Impeached President Trump for Asking About Biden Crimes in Ukraine

President Trump was impeached for daring to ask about Biden crimes in Ukraine.

The Obama-Biden administration was a cesspool of corruption.  From giving billions to Iran to taking millions from foreign countries, it was as corrupt as hell.  The devil couldn’t have done a better job.

President Trump was harrassed and criminalized by the Obama-Biden gang for his entire administration in their attempted coup of the Trump Administration.  These criminals went on the offense rather and many of the elites in the GOP were behind them.  They all hated President Trump because he threatened their corruption, money laundering, and bribery schemes involving US and foreign officials.

DC is a corrupt hell hole and President Trump knew it.  He wanted to drain the swamp and the corrupt swamp is still fighting back.

After the Mueller sham and the false Russian collusion lie fell apart, the Democrats and GOP elites then impeached President Trump over a phone call with the newly elected President of Ukraine.

Nothing was wrong with the call (see for yourself below).

The corrupt Deep State knew that President Trump was over the target so they made up another fake crime and impeached him.  What a corrupt bunch of demons.

Below is a transcript of the phone conversation between President Trump and newly elected Ukrainian President Zelensky.

Ukraine Call Transcript by Fox News


Now we know that the Biden’s made $10 million in Ukraine for getting rid of the prosecutor looking into Burisma, the oil and gas firm where Hunter was a member of the board.   Joe and Hunter each made $5 million in the effort.

FBI Hid Evidence Corroborating Bidens Took $10 Million from Ukraine

President Trump had every right to look into the Bidens’ crimes in Ukraine.  It was his duty. 

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