OUTRAGEOUS: Corrupt, Creepy and Evil Obama SET UP President Trump and Is Behind Mar-a-Lago Raid and Indictment | Joe Hoft


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OUTRAGEOUS: Corrupt, Creepy and Evil Obama SET UP President Trump and Is Behind Mar-a-Lago Raid and Indictment

Corrupt and evil former President Obama said he wanted to CHANGE America.  His change was the total destruction of the USA in every way imaginable.  Now we know that he is behind the Mar-a-Lago raid and the latest setup of President Trump. 

Name one good reason why Obama should not be arrested and placed in the DC Gulag for his attempted coup of the Trump Administration.  This would have been done years ago if we had a legitimate Justice Department.

According to Conservative Treehouse this morning, there are only two documents that the National Archives wanted that President Trump took with him from the White House.  Remember none of this matters.   Under the Presidential Records Act, President Trump could take whatever documents he wanted to take when he left the White House.

So ultimately, none of this matters, but assuming it did matter, one of two documents the totally corrupted National Archives was after is the letter Obama left for President Trump when Trump arrived in the Oval Office.

Corrupt Obama at the time was working on a coup involving the made-up crime of Russia collusion and was hell-bent on preventing President Trump from governing.  This attempted coup went on during President Trump’s entire Presidency and was led by bad actors like Andrew Weissmann and Norm Eisen who are also behind the Mar-a-Lago related indictments.

DEEP STATE TRUMP INDICTMENT – Created by Corrupt Weissmann and Eisen, It Ignores the Law with Limited Mention of President Trump’s Right to Presidential Records Act

Conservative Treehouse points out today the following:

What almost everyone in professional narrative engineering/punditry is missing, many of them because they are paid to pretend not to know, is that the national archivists gave sworn testimony to Congress about the Trump documents on May 17, 2023 {citation}.  What I am going to outline below will explain the fraud that Jack Smith and his Lawfare crew are purposefully generating.

Some baselines are needed for you to understand what is happening.

First, the National Archives and the DOJ did not demand a return of Classified Documents.  They requested a return of documents containing classification markings.  These are two entirely different things.

Most documents containing classification markings are not classified documents; yet, most classified documents contain classification markings.  Additionally, one of the documents used by Jack Smith in his indictment [COUNT #11] contained no markings at all.

Second, it is critically important to remember that throughout the legal issues in the aftermath of the Mar-a-Lago raid, the DOJ has viciously denied any responsibility to describe the classified documents they claim to have retrieved.  In fact, the DOJ has fought against any entity, including the court appointed “special master”, from being able to look at the documents the DOJ *previously* claimed were either classified, or, vital to national security…

…Trump and Kim formed a geopolitical truce, a friendship of sorts, based on respect and trust around the nuclear issue.  Chairman Kim decreased hostilities; President Trump no longer used inflammatory language about “Little Rocket Man.”  A diplomatic détente was created.

NARA was looking for the letter written by Obama that described DPRK nukes, and NARA was looking for letters between Trump and Kim that touched on DPRK nukes.

Now, does the wording in the Jack Smith indictment that pertains to “nuclear concerns” and “national security matters” make more sense?

Would all of this hullaballoo really stem from President Trump not giving up personal letters written to him by President Obama and Chairman Kim?  YES!  Would President Trump even characterize those as government property?  NO!

Obama gave President Trump a letter that the corrupt actors in his government now say had classified information.  Again, President Trump has every right to keep this letter.  The DOJ is making up a case to hurt President Trump through these lies and this lawfare.

President Trump did nothing wrong.  Obama, Biden, Hillary and their henchmen and “ethics czars” should be arrested, indicted, and face criminal actions for sedition.

These are our darkest hours.

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