OUTRAGEOUS: CORRUPT Attorneys in Corrupt Delaware Justice System Demand $6 Billion of Tesla Stock | Joe Hoft


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OUTRAGEOUS: CORRUPT Attorneys in Corrupt Delaware Justice System Demand $6 Billion of Tesla Stock

Elon Musk

Never go to Delaware, never do business there, never trust any judge or attorney in that state. It is totally corrupt. 

Delaware has reached the level of corruption that the worst of the Democrat-led states have reached.  The legal system in this corrupt tiny state is as bad as DC, New York and any of the Democrat led corrupt states.

Just ask Elon Musk.

When he went after Twitter, Musk made a bid based on the information the corrupt Deep State platform provided.  To no one’s surprise, Twitter management had way overstated the company’s financials and worth based on the data they provided to Musk which he used for his asking price.

Musk uncovered this massive corruption and requested a new price for the company based on the new information.

But the corrupt courts in Delaware sided with the Deep State and forced Musk to purchase the company at the original fraud-based price.  This was a crime on the part of the courts.  WTH

Next Musk was targeted for his compensation pay at Tesla after the company reached heights never imagined when his compensation package was put together years ago.  The corrupt Delaware courts claimed he was paid to much.  WTH

Elon Musk Attacked by Radical Leftist Judge in Delaware Court – Home of Joe Biden

After this ruling Musk urged all companies to get out of Delaware and never incorporate there.  He was right.  The courts came after Elon because he called out Biden’s America destroying policies.

Elon Musk Tweet Shows Why He Was Targeted in a Delaware Court This Past Week

Now the attorneys who brought the case on Musk’s pay to court want $6 billion in Tesla stock as compensation for their efforts.

Lawyersasked a Delaware judge to award them Tesla stock worth nearly $6 billion as of Friday as their fee for successfully arguing that CEO Elon Musk’s 2018pay package was unlawful.

The fee would dwarf records for attorney paydays if a judge approves it. Lawyers who worked on Enron-related class actions were awarded $688 million in fees in 2008.

The lawyers had earlier convinced the Delaware chancery court to revoke Musk’s $56 billion pay package from 2018, with the judge ruling that Tesla’s board of directors failed to prove it was fair to shareholders.

Delaware and all the Democrat-led states are done.  They are corrupted.  The odds are that Musk has no chance. 

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