“One of the Most Important Journalists in the Trump Era” – TGP’s Joe Hoft Joins Italian TV ‘Canale Italia’ to Discuss Various Topics in the News

Joe Hoft, twin brother of The Gateway Pundit’s founder Jim Hoft, joined Italian TV last night.  He started off the show answering a number of questions about what really is going on in the US.

Joe Hoft, contributing writer at TGP, joined Vito Monaco at Canale Italia TV to discuss various items in the news from a US perspective.  At one point in the discussion, Joe was referred to as “one of the most important journalists in the Trump era”.

Joe was asked about Evergrande and the coming economic crisis in China. Next, Joe discussed Americans’ feelings about Afghanistan.  He shared, in part, the following:

In Afghanistan Americans look at what happened there as really, borderline treason.  We gave a terrorist organization, and half of the leaders in the Taliban are still listed as terrorists under the US terrorist list, and yet we gave them $82 billion worth of arms, vehicles.  We basically gave them one of the largest air forces in the world and walked away with nothing.  Many Americans were very upset about that, still are, and the fact that 13 soldiers died shortly before departure, was very upsetting.  It’s just a very sad situation in America today… Many Americans put the blame on this solely with Biden.

Next, there was a discussion on an upcoming energy crisis and then some discussion on the 2020 Election where Joe shared the following.

We do believe that the election was not accurate.  Today another poll came out, 60% of Americans believe Joe Biden only won the election due to fraud…

Finally, there was a discussion about Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Rome to meet the Pope.  The question discussed was what was addressed and why.  Watch Joe’s response below.