One Dozen Reasons Why the New York Bragg Case is a Total Sham (i.e. There Are No Crimes) | Joe Hoft


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One Dozen Reasons Why the New York Bragg Case is a Total Sham (i.e. There Are No Crimes)

President Trump shared ten reasons why the Bragg case is bogus.  We’ve added two more because the corrupt Judge put a gag order on President Trump. 

President Trump shared the following on Sunday night about the totally corrupt Bragg case:

FACT #1: President Trump did nothing wrong. These charges are entirely fabricated in order to interfere in the election and distract from the failed presidency of Crooked Joe Biden.

FACT #2: This is the Biden Trial. It is a full-frontal assault on American Democracy in service of the interests of Crooked Joe Biden’s campaign.

FACT #3: Democrat District Attorney Alvin Bragg ran for election on prosecuting President Trump.

FACT #4: This case is almost entirely reliant on the testimony of convicted felon,  disbarred attorney, perjurer and notorious liar, Michael Cohen.

FACT #5: Michael Cohen filed a legal motion to reduce his federal criminal sentence that cited A.I.-generated and completely fake case law to plead his case. He failed. (Axios, 12/29/23)

FACT #6: President Trump is the only person who has ever been solely charged with these crimes as stand-alone felonies. This is an unprecedented abuse of our legal system.

FACT #7: DA Bragg sat on this case for years, letting the statute of limitations expire. He manipulated the law to bring forth a new case to interfere in the election on behalf of Crooked Joe Biden.

FACT #8: Judge Merchan set a bizarre trial schedule for this case.

FACT #9: The presiding judge in this case, Juan Merchan is a Biden-Harris donor. (NY Post, 4/7/23)

FACT #10: The American People know a partisan Witch-Hunt when they see one and they are going to put President Trump back in the Oval Office in November.

In addition, FACT #11 is that the entire case is built around accounting activities and there are no crimes – e.g. 11 letters received in the mail are not 11 felonies.

BRAGG CASE: Never Before In US History Has a CEO Been Charged with 11 Felonies for Receiving 11 Invoices in the Mail

FACT #12 – The judges daughter received millions from Adam Schiff and Kamala Harris over these past couple of years.   She’s in her twenties.

HUGE CONFLICT: The Daughter of the Corrupt Judge Overseeing BS Bragg Case in New York Worked for Kamala Harris



4 thoughts on “One Dozen Reasons Why the New York Bragg Case is a Total Sham (i.e. There Are No Crimes)”

  1. Understand this…The Dems, Deep State, Obama, WEF, UN, Soros, and the EUNUCH GOP congress will NEVER allow Trump to sit as POTUS…even if they have to off him to do it. If a miracle happens and Trump manages to beat the cheat they will never allow him to swear his oath. You can bet the farm on it. I would bet they already have deep state agents ready to take him out then blame it on Iran.


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