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OH MY – Harrison Floyd Releases AUDIO – Ruby Freeman Was Not Threatened, She “Wanted Them to COME BACK!”

Ruby and Shay Ballots

Wow.  Harrison Floyd does it again!

Earlier today, Harrison Floyd, who was indicted by the corrupt Soros-backed Fulton County DA released information that Ruby Freeman, who worked in the 2020 Election in Fulton County said she didn’t want to talk to “White Guys”.

HOLY MOLEY: Video Released Showing Georgia’s Ruby Freeman Saying She Doesn’t Want to Talk with “White Guys”

Moments ago, Floyd dropped some more evidence on his case and Ruby Freeman.  Floyd says that Ruby Freeman said that she wasn’t threatened but that she wanted those who were encouraging her to come clean about the 2020 Election in Fulton County “to come back”.

Here is another video from a police camera noting that Ms. Freeman was not threatened when some Americans were trying to encourage her to tell the truth about what happened on election night 2020.

The audio indicates that Ruby Freeman was trying to get the people to come back to her place with the police there so she could find out what they could do to help her after the 2020 Election.

It appears that Ruby Freeman wanted to come clean.  She wanted to tell the truth.  She called the police for help.  She was not threatened.  She wanted the people who promised to help her to come back.  


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