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Obama’s “Ethics Czar” Behind 2020 “Color Revolution”, Norm Eisen, Is Also Behind BS Trump Indictments


No President has damaged America as much as Barack Obama and his top sidekick in the destruction of America is Norm Eisen. 

I first heard about Norm Eisen before the 2020 Election.  Darren Beattie from Revolver put together a piece where he described Eisen and his work with “color revolutions”.

I wrote about Eisen in my first book on the Election Steal labeled “The Steal – Volume I: Setting the Stage“.  In one of my first chapters I discuss Eisen.

We received hints of what was going on during the President’s entire first term. President Trump’s enemies would stop at nothing. In the summer of 2020 riots broke out in US cities. Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters and Antifa radicals tore up cities and caused property damage of nearly $2 billion.

In addition, twenty-five individuals died in these riots. But there was seemingly no reason for the unrest. BLM claimed racism, but America had come too far since the days of the Civil Rights movement and Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I have a dream” speech. This couldn’t be the case. Then only a few months before the election, a report came out from a relatively unknown website. The report was shocking and was then later discussed on the Tucker Carlson Show on FOX News. The unknown website “GeoPolitics.co” unveiled the “Color Revolution”.

The protests, riots, violent and non-violent actions sweeping across the United States since May 25, including an assault on the gates of the White House, begin to make sense when we understand the CIA’s Color Revolution playbook. The impact of the protests would not be possible were it not for a network of local and state political officials inside the Democratic Party lending support to the protesters, even to the point the Democrat Mayor of Seattle ordered police to abandon several blocks in the heart of downtown to occupation by protesters.

In recent years major portions of the Democratic Party across the US have been quietly taken over by what one could call radical left candidates. Often, they win with active backing of organizations such as Democratic Socialists of America or Freedom Road Socialist Organizations. In the US House of Representatives the vocal quarter of new representatives around Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), Rashida Tlaib and Minneapolis Representative Ilhan Omar are all members or close to Democratic Socialists of America. Clearly without sympathetic Democrat local officials in key cities, the street protests of organizations such as Black Lives Matter and Antifa would not have such a dramatic impact.

The article went on to state that the protests and riots weren’t only reasons for the coup – the removal of President Trump from office – they were part of a greater plan to eliminate capitalism. The people behind BLM were avid socialists and were being funded by socialists…

…On September 15, 2020, Carlson invited Darren Beattie on his show.  Beattie was a former speechwriter for President Trump. Beattie shared:

…what Democrats are planning in November is to try and force a contested election by using engineered voter fraud scenarios and lawfare (tons of lawsuits) to mobilize mass protests in order to question the legitimacy of Trump. And he says the main person behind this strategy is lawfare hatchet man Norm Eisen, who used to be Obama’s ‘Ethics Czar’.

Norm Eisen was a great fit for Obama’s “Ethics Czar”. His actions showed that he lacked any ethics. He hated those who were against Obama and his policies of socialism and the destruction of America. This is why it comes as no surprise that Eisen HATED candidate and President Donald J. Trump.

Eisen was behind it all.  He still is. In his allegiance to Obama Eisen will never stop.

A report came out earlier this year (Paul Ingrassia – Architect of a Sham) pointing out that Eisen is behind these totally imagined crimes supposedly committed by President Trump.

Special Counsel Jack Smith was appointed by Joe Biden late last year to lead two separate investigations into President Donald J. Trump. Each one of the four indictments to which President Donald Trump has been subjected – Jack Smith’s two federal indictments in addition to the state level indictments from District Attorneys Alvin Bragg of New York and Fani Willis of Georgia – are based on legal theories that were cobbled together from the findings of the January 6th Committee. The Committee’s findings helped tailor the specific legal arguments and recommendations featured in the “model prosecution memorandum,” spearheaded by Norman Eisen of the Brookings Institution, who previously served on the House Judiciary Committee where he oversaw the “impeachment and trial of President Trump.” Jack Smith’s indictments, as well as the indictments of Fani Willis and arguably even Alvin Bragg, albeit to a lesser extent, are deeply indebted to the legal theories in Norm Eisen’s memorandum, which were based on the January 6th Committee’s fabricated narrative….

Ingrassia continues:

…Eisen preposterously construes a theory of criminal liability based on a hodgepodge of quotes carefully hand selected from politically heated moments during the campaign. Certainly, none of them would meet the high constitutional bar for fighting words or true threats, due to their generality, in addition to having no direct tendency to cause violence against a particular person or group. Moreover, absolutely none of these quotes – nor any of the other quotes Eisen incorporates in his memorandum, of which the above are a representative sample – are “directed to inciting or producing imminent lawless action,” nor are they “(2) likely to incite or produce such action” under Brandenburg’s test for imminent lawless action.

Obama/Biden/Eisen are lawless.  The law is to be used to attack not to comply with. 

1 thought on “Obama’s “Ethics Czar” Behind 2020 “Color Revolution”, Norm Eisen, Is Also Behind BS Trump Indictments”

  1. We’re on the same page.
    The question is, ‘What to do?’

    The answer is SCOTUS, and Kari Lake plus the Maricopa County Republicans not only were disenfranchised in 2022 by their ballots being sabotaged, but the Burden of Proof on a Criminal Level demanded by the court, ordering Lake’s lawyers to prove Intent (mens rea) was unrealistic if not an error in jurisprudence.
    It is nearly impossible to prove mens rea without a ‘smoking gun.’
    The standard of proof for Lake and Republicans should be Prima Facie, making a case showing the high risk of Mail Ballots to defraud and disenfranchise and putting the burden of proof on the Defendants, Dominion and the states contracting Mail Ballot technology.
    SCOTUS has already held Ballot Harvesting to be unconstitutional and in dicta declared the Mail Ballot having high potential for disenfranchising Qualified Citizen Voters. Brnovich vs DNC (2021)


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