OBAMAGATE Is Much, Much Worse than WATERGATE – Roger Stone on Obama’s Crimes | Joe Hoft


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OBAMAGATE Is Much, Much Worse than WATERGATE – Roger Stone on Obama’s Crimes

Roger Stone is a victim of Obama’s corrupt Deep State DOJ and FBI.  He points out after Durham’s report this week, that Obamagate is much, much worse than Watergate. 

Americans are told to believe that Watergate was the crime of the century.  But Roger Stone rightly points out that Obamagate is much, much worse than Watergate.

In an article today on his Substack account, Roger Stone points out the nightmare known as Obamagate.  Stone highlights in his title the question: What did John Durham know three days ago when he released his report, that he did not know prior to the November 8th, 2020 election?

Stone shares:

Special Counsel John Durham’s final report on the origins of the Russian collusion hoax (also known as Obamagate) document the single greatest dirty trick in the history of American politics and government; an abuse of power in which the full authority and extraordinary intelligence capabilities of the United States government were illicitly and illegally used to remove a duly elected President — Donald J. Trump — from office.

Contrary to the completely politicized and undocumented claims of the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee Report, as well as the feeble assertions of the Mueller investigation; neither the FBI or the CIA had any evidence whatsoever of collusion between any Russian entity and Donald Trump’s campaign for President.

Importantly, Durham established that there was an Oval Office meeting that included President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, CIA Director John Brennan, FBI Director James Comey, and Attorney General Loretta Lynch, in which the lack of any actual evidence of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign and Hillary Clinton’s promulgation of this false narrative to the intelligence agencies, law enforcement, and the media, was established. This is precisely why this scandal is sometimes referred to as “Obamagate.”

After making some excellent observations, Stone shares the following in bold:

Nonetheless, these false allegations were used not only to rationalize the launch of the FBI’s counterintelligence effort, “Crossfire Hurricane,” but also to justify the bogus FISA warrant which allowed the FBI to spy on Donald Trump, and members of his campaign, when he was President-elect, and, again, when he was President.

Strangely enough, Durham never investigated or addressed false allegations that the DNC computer servers were the target of an online hack by Russian intelligence operatives. The FBI actually admitted in my trial that they had never actually inspected the DNC computer servers, relying instead on the assertions of CrowdStrike, a Democrat forensic IT firm whose “report” alleged this act by “the Russians.”

Interestingly, the CrowdStrike report was withheld from my defense attorneys at trial— although CrowdStrike Chief Security Officer Shawn Henry, who conveniently happens to be a former deputy to FBI Director Robert Mueller, admitted under oath to the House Intelligence Committee that the report contained no proof whatsoever that the Russians hacked the DNC, obtaining the embarrassing chain of e-mails published by WikiLeaks.

Roger Stone has the right to feel pissed.  His life was turned upside down by the Obama gang and his judge Amy Berman Jackson, and all of this was based on a big fat lie.

The most troubling aspect of Mr. Durham’s report is the simple question of timing. What did Mr. Durham know three days ago when he released his report, that he did not know prior to the November 8th 2020 election?

Why did Mr. Durham delay publication of his final report until he was certain that the 5-year statute of limitations under which Hillary Clinton and her aides, as well as the top intelligence and judiciary officials of the Obama and Trump Administration, could have been prosecuted for the crimes he documented?

Roger Stone did nothing wrong.


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