OBAMA FLIPPED 9-11 Good Americans Have Become the Terrorists and the Hunted | Joe Hoft


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OBAMA FLIPPED 9-11 <> Good Americans Have Become the Terrorists and the Hunted

Things changed on 9-11 but things changed for the worst under Obama.  

Obama flipped 9-11 and now good Americans are the terrorists and the hunted. 

Everyone who is able to remember 9-11 will never forget that tragic day.  Nearly 3,000 Americans were murdered by a terrorist attack.  It was one of the saddest days in US history.

In response, the US government went after the Taliban who housed Bin Laden and then Iraq.

(Much misinformation has infiltrated this story and that is another story.)

President GW Bush immediately instituted the “Patriot Act”.  This allowed the federal government to spy on American citizens who the government believed were acting against the US.  But Barack Obama took this and created today’s tyrannical government.

Conservative Treehouse shares this:

In the era shortly after 9/11, the DC national security apparatus, instructed by Vice President Dick Cheney, was constructed to preserve continuity of government and simultaneously view all Americans as potential threats. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) were created specifically for this purpose.

After 9/11/01, the electronic surveillance system, that was originally created to monitor threats from abroad, was retooled to monitor threats inside our country.  That is when all of our electronic ‘metadata’ came under federal surveillance.

That inflection point, and the process that followed, was exactly what Edward Snowden tried to point out.

What Barack Obama and Eric Holder did with that new construct was refine the internal targeting mechanisms, so that only their political opposition became the target of this new national security system.

The problems we face now as a country are directly an outcome of two very distinct points that were merged by Barack Obama. (1) The post 9/11 monitoring of electronic communication of American citizens; and (2) Obama’s team creating a fine-tuning knob that it focused on the politics of the targets.  This is very important to understand as you dig deeper into this research outline.

Obama spied on good Americans and destroyed the integrity of the DOJ in doing so.  Today the US government is a tyrannical bully targeting good Americans while ignoring the crimes of Obama and his US and foreign enemies of the state.

We saw this immediate change in the US government when conservatives were targeted by the IRS.  Despite loads of evidence showing wrongdoing, nothing was done to bring the criminals to justice.

Next we saw the destruction of the courts.  Obama and now Biden inserted judges whose sole purpose is to impose Obama’s tyrannical government initiatives and punish good Americans.

This was totally exposed in the Russia collusion hoax.  The Obama gang targeted President Trump and anyone near him.  They made up the crime of Russia collusion.  They arrested innocent victims like General Flynn, Roger Stone and many others despite no evidence to do so.  The individuals were pressured into bogus claims against the President and his administration and the strong resisted and paid for it with bogus charges and bogus indictments.

Obama judges like the overtly corrupt Amy Berman Jackson sentenced Manafort and Stone to prison on bogus charges.  Their real sin was not complying with the government’s pressure and not lying about their President Trump.

The FBI is now used to arrest innocent Americans in 6am raids.  Many Jan 6 victims have been awaken to these tactics.  Just last week Proud Boy Enrique Tarrio was sentence to 22 years in prison for sedition on made up charges and he wasn’t even at the Capitol on Jan 6.  His crime was not lying about President Trump.

Another American who protested the stolen 2020 Election at the Capitol on Jan 6 was sentenced last week even though he did much less than Ray Epps who walks free.

J6 Prisoner Sean McHugh Describes How Ray Epps Pushed His Mother Down to the Ground When He Was Hurling Huge MAGA Flag at Police – Epps Walks Free as McHugh Is Sentenced to 6.5 Years in Prison

Last year, early one morning a pro-life pastor was carted off to jail after a raid on his house in the early morning hours one year ago.  His family was in horror as they saw their father arrested like a terrorist.

“Our Baby-Babies, They’re the Ones that have Struggled the Most” – EXCLUSIVE – Ryan-Marie Houck on Her Family After 25-30 FBI Agents Raided her Home and Arrested Her Pro-Life Husband (VIDEO)

In 2020 Black Lives Matter protests destroyed the nation.  The culprits behind this movement were labeled heroes.

JAN 6 REMEMBERED: Confirmed: Jan. 6 Protest Resulted in Estimated $1.5 Million in Damages — Or 1/1000th of Damages by Black Lives Matter-Antifa Protests in 2020

Black Lives Matter protesters were given money while Americans who protested the 2020 stolen election are imprisoned.

Wife of Jan. 6 Political Prisoner Outraged Over Double Standard: Why Are Black Lives Matter Protesters Paid $70K After Being Banned From Capitol?

This is Obama-Biden’s America.  The innocent are labeled criminals and the criminals are given accolades and money.  

This is the destruction of America.  This is Barack Obama’s America. 


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