NY Post’s Michael Goodwin Is Totally Wrong – 2020 Election Was Stolen By Much More than the DOJ’s Cover-Up of the Hunter Biden Laptop | Joe Hoft


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NY Post’s Michael Goodwin Is Totally Wrong – 2020 Election Was Stolen By Much More than the DOJ’s Cover-Up of the Hunter Biden Laptop

Shame on the New York Post and its writer Michael Goodwin who’s been around for ages.  No, the 2020 Election wasn’t stolen by only hiding the Hunter Biden laptop.  Millions of votes for Joe Biden were added to the election that were BS.

I can confirm as a former international executive and corporate auditor that the 2020 Election was stolen.  No other corporate or Big 4 professional auditors have looked into this.  They stayed away.  They were scared and knew it would be a no-win proposition.  Shame on them all. This is our country we are talking about.

Since Election Day, November 3, 2020, I have been reporting on the many corrupt, fraudulent and illegal actions that occurred before, during and after the election.  The 2020 Election was absolutely stolen in a VERY BIG way. 

In my first book on the 2020 election, I discussed the many activities that occurred before the 2020 Election to prepare for the steal.  The Deep State led by Norm Eisen virtually spelled it out before the election on what they were about to do and then bragged about their efforts after the election in a Time magazine article.

Big Media spit on President Trump every day with 90+ percent negative coverage since the day he announced he was running.  Big Tech advertised the election was going to be stolen before the election by noting that for the first time in US history there would be no winner on election night.  How did they know that?  They iced it by taking down every single conservative voice before and especially after the election.  Even President Trump was censored.

Absentee ballots and ballot drop boxes were inserted across the country in swing states in totally unconstitutional and behind closed door deals.  China dropped COVID which helped push the need for these fraud accelerators.  The steal was put in motion.

In my second book, I start with the actions the days immediately following the election where Americans were prevented from observing the election counts.  Two million ballots were (manufactured) and counted in Pennsylvania alone after the election with 80% going to Biden, overcoming a nearly million vote deficit on Election Day to give him the win while Americans were locked out of the rooms.  The election was stolen when these ballots were certified by corrupt actors and politicians.

I discuss the unreal and impossible results and more importantly, the patterns in the data that indicate the election was manipulated.  The millions of ballots that were accepted with no chain of custody and the millions more with no signature checks.  The systems were flawed and broken with security issues that no corporation in America would accept.  Even the government body, the CISA, admitted that bad actors could flip elections using these machines.

In my latest book, The Steal – Volume III: The Cover-Up, I discuss the lack of law enforcement after the election, the lack of legislative action and the lack of courts having the courage to stand up for free and fair elections.  The cover-up of Hunter Biden’s laptop is also discussed, and much, much more.

Today Michael Goodwin at the New York Post shared this:

Score half a point for Donald Trump.

It turns out he was on to something with his claim the 2020 election was rigged, though not in the way he thinks.

The dirty deed didn’t happen in offices in Arizona or Georgia, where Republicans supposedly were banished while Democrats counted duffel bags full of late-arriving votes.

Nor did Trump lose because computers were wired to rob him of victory.

Instead, the cheating that likely denied Trump a second term was very close to home.

In fact, it was an inside job.

There are numerous bombshells in the congressional testimony of two IRS whistleblowers, but the most significant is that members of Trump’s Department of Justice helped to tip the 2020 election to his opponent by slow-walking the investigation into Hunter Biden.

Yes, Hunter’s laptop is discussed in The Steal – Volume III: The Cover-Up, and ‘yes’ it was real but this was only a small part of the picture and a very uneducated way to claim the 2020 Election was stolen.

The 2020 Election was stolen because it was certified using broken processes, systems and corrupt actors.  As a result, millions of bogus votes went to Joe Biden and the 2020 Election and crime scene was certified.

The 2020 Election was stolen and those who ignore it and write about it with biased ignorance are covering-up one of the greatest crimes in US history.   

(The Steal – Volume III: The Cover-Up is coming out this week.  Please get a copy along with The Steal – Volume I: Setting the Stage and The Steal – Volume II: The Impossible Occurs.)

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