Note to Republicans and House Judiciary Chair Bob @RepGoodlatte – Trump Supporters Are Your Base, “New Media” is Their Platform and Liberals Want to Shut Us Down! | Joe Hoft


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Note to Republicans and House Judiciary Chair Bob @RepGoodlatte – Trump Supporters Are Your Base, “New Media” is Their Platform and Liberals Want to Shut Us Down!

Republican leadership is unaware of their base, where it goes to get its information and the efforts by the left to prevent this message from being shared. Liberals today choose to shut down the conservative voice in the “new media”, through the socials and on the Internet, rather than in engage in political debate.

The 2016 Presidential election changed the makeup of the Republican Party. President Trump brought millions of Americans to the party while #NeverTrumpers, elitists within the Party, abandoned ship and joined liberals in voting for Hillary Clinton. President Trump won on issues and his message was a stronger economy, rationale immigration policies and enforcement, law and order and the protection and advancement of Americans and the USA.

Liberals have not yet recovered. They thought their old tricks would work. They own the legacy media (e.g. ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, WaPo, NYT, Time, etc.) and figured their chokehold on old media and their command and dictates of the socials (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, and Google – YouTube) would easily win them the 2016 election. They felt they owned the message and being the good fascists that they are, felt the election and coronation of Hillary Clinton was in the bag.

Then the liberal nightmare happened. To their shock, conservative sites on the Internet (i.e. “New Media”) had carried the message liberals tried so hard to quash and Donald Trump was elected President. Stunned and embarrassed President Obama and liberal Democrats knew that the socials had to kill the conservative message or their addiction to power would go untreated.

First the liberals confirmed their concerns. Harvard partook in a study to review the election. Their results were consistent with a study from the Columbia Journalism Review. Liberals did own the message on the legacy media but they had no idea that the new media had advanced to the point that it competed with old media stalwarts like CNN.

Breitbart and the Gateway Pundit were two new media outlets that promoted candidate Trump and counteracted the attacks and fake news from the left. The Gateway Pundit was the 4th most influential media outlet on the Right during the election. The studies noted above provided their analysis to support this. The new media used their presence on the Internet and through the socials to share the Trump vision.

How did liberals react? Not by changing their policies that were destroying the nation, liberals opted to attack new media, call them names (i.e. “fake news” which thanks to President Trump has totally backfired) and attempt to shut them down.

Facebook, Twitter, Google and YouTube changed their models, algorithms and policies to filter and prevent conservative speech from being shared. All of their actions are anti-free speech, un-American and unconstitutional. Free speech is protected in the Bill of Rights but the socials decided to go full fascism and stop conservatives from being heard.

Facebook simply shut down conservative sites like Diamond and Silk with 1.2 million followers. Numerous other conservative sites were also shut down. In addition, Facebook prevented posts from other sites like the Gateway Pundit from being shared. The Gateway Pundit, for example, has watched as its percentage of traffic from Facebook has decreased from more than 30% before the 2016 election, to 3% today. Some days Facebook totally shuts down the sharing of Gateway Pundit posts.

Twitter started doing the same in a process called ‘shadow banning”. When individuals tweet conservative messages, Twitter buries them or does not share them at all. Undercover investigator James O’Keefe released video of employees at Twitter confirming this and banning pro-Trump accounts.

Google – YouTube also partakes in preventing the conservative message. Queries on Google now almost exclusively provide results to legacy media links and stories. YouTube is banning many conservative sites. These efforts all impact these sites’ income and ability to continue as going concerns due to these sites messages being prevented from being shared.

The Gateway Pundit held an event in Washington DC with the purpose of bringing to light the abuses and prevention of free speech that the socials are partaking in today. More than 132,000 tuned in to watch the Social Media Neutrality Panel share their individual stories of being abused for their conservative values at the hands of the socials.

Republicans will need to know their base if they want to win elections. Their base is Trump supporters. Their information comes from “new media” and socials are cracking down on these America loving media outlets. Republicans need to stand for free speech and the 1st Amendment and stand with the new media. Republicans can either do this or watch the GOP die a quick and unholy death.


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