“NO NATION Is Interested in Their Populations” – The People in Ukraine Are Alone in the World | Joe Hoft


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“NO NATION Is Interested in Their Populations” – The People in Ukraine Are Alone in the World

The people of Ukraine are being massacred and the world doesn’t care. 

An individual who is knowledgable of the situation in Ukraine shared this:

I’ve worked there (and also in 40+ nations including the USA) and I can tell you NO NATION is interested in their populations> I’ve lost count of how many times I went toe-to-toe with Ukrainian bureaucrats (but more times with USA bozos). Interest is only until the POLS [politicians] get what they can get then it’s done.

Ukraine is a current illustration…not sure how many billions we have sent there but I do know on my last trip in visiting trenches on the east I was told the troops have to have family buy their ammunition at 400 grevna per shell (approx. 13$USD). I’m sure some of the appropriated funds are used by military but families purchase helmets, food, etc. Some have been arrested because they were found guilty of graft in ordering troops equipment but I’m sure these were sacrificed as a show of “cleaning up.” But this same graft is historical in the USA. Lords of war are testing their new weaponry and making big money. The hapless bodies thrown into the fray are not from the Elite but are the “expendables”—as is always the historical case.

I’ve been assisting the vulnerable (on both sides but this cannot be breathed). The callous regard of the POL Elites on every side, is unbelievable.

Today I received the below from my coordinator. I have food arriving and will get it into the critical areas where no relief has arrived since the war started.

Whatever “side” one takes there is inhumanity that will be judged by the Almighty.

I share this with you two only because I know you care about the evil attacking our world, and especially our nation. The “forever wars” are not just political talking points to be ignored, they are reality and are totally oblivious to the carnage they leave in their wake. War has always been a strong political card played—such sadly continues.

Just wanted to share thoughts with you as news of the lack of food for the vulnerable today hit especially hard and no one seems to care. Tonight, I was able to secure 40K of enriched meals. All efforts have been from the private sector with nothing from the government!

Just had to vent…

Pray for the people of Ukraine. 

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